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TelstraClear to sell Telecom Mobile Services

, posted: 13-Aug-2007 15:57

Well it’s finally been confirmed, Telstra is to continue offering mobile services from later this year through a wholesaling agreement signed today with Telecom New Zealand through Telecom’s nationwide CDMA/EVDO mobile network.  The Deal will give Telstra more freedom in the mobile market to differentiate its mobile plans, rather than reselling Telecom’s mobile plans, something Telstra has been unable to-do under its expired agency agreement with Vodafone New Zealand.

This should be viewed as a great win for Telecom New Zealand, with TelstraClears Government and Corporate customer base looking to leverage their communications needs with one supplier. Currently Vodafone is said to be in the process of migrating Telstra 029 Customers, acquired under TelstraClears agency agreement with Vodafone, to its billing system.  The agreement will likely see TelstraClear Wholesale access to Telecom New Zealand pending GSM 850 MHz / WCDMA 2100 MHz nationwide mobile network due to launched in New Zealand towards the end of 2008.

Telecom may also look to gain a goodwill gesture, from TelstraClears parent company to slow the closure of Telstra Australian CDMA mobile network, to reduce the impact of Telecom New Zealand’s ability to roam seamlessly across the Tasman for the majority of Telecom Mobile’s customer base. At present this will only be possible past the 28th of January 2008 (according to Telstra Australia’s CDMA shutdown schedule) with a Telecom Worldmode handset. Currently the Samsung W531 is Telecom’s only Worldmode handset. This would leave Telecom with approximately 10-11months without a roaming proposition to Telecom’s most important Roaming marketplace.




Telecom and TelstraClear today announced the signing of a commercial
agreement that will allow TelstraClear to provide a new nationwide mobile

The agreement will see TelstraClear launch its own TelstraClear mobile
service later this year, providing a unique range of mobile services,
bundles and prices via the Telecom network.

The agreement was signed this morning by Telecom acting CEO Simon Moutter
and TelstraClear Chief Executive Dr Allan Freeth.

Dr Freeth says the agreement is great for customers, enabling choice
without the need to build a new mobile network.

“Our customers can look forward to a unique TelstraClear service, with new
TelstraClear branded handsets, bundles and pricing plans that are
different to those offered by other players today,” says Dr Freeth.

“The fact that Telecom and TelstraClear can come to a commercial agreement
like this is something that will really benefit customers, and quickly.”

Telecom acting CEO Simon Moutter says the agreement is also a positive
move for the wider telecommunications industry.

“This is an example of individual providers working together effectively
to ensure best outcomes for customers,” says Mr Moutter.

TelstraClear will launch its new mobile service later this year, with
details provided closer to the time.

The service will mean customers can enjoy the benefits of a single bill
from one provider delivering all their voice, data and mobile services.

EDIT: The deal reached between TelstraClear and Telecom New Zealand only includes acess to Telecom's CDMA Mobile network.


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