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Air New Zealand - Political Pawn?

, posted: 5-Sep-2007 21:13

In following up on a recent post, by Jama about Air New Zealand, it seems this issue refuse's to die, and why should it?

Helen Clark and her Labour led Government have turned the National Carrier into nothing more than political pawn. At the end of the day, Helen Clark and the Labour Government ministers need to get their heads around the fact that Air New Zealand is not an SOE (State Owned Enterprise), even through the majority shareholder is the New Zealand tax payer. As a direct result of being a private company, I personally feel it is inappropriate for any New Zealand Government official to comment on the private affairs of Air New Zealand, and its business decisions, within the bounds of New Zealand law.

It is extremely unfortunate that Air New Zealand has become a victim of this political interference, with Australia’s Foreign Minister stating that Air New Zealand will no longer be used by the Australian Armed Forces. This is a great loss, in respect to revenue and excess capacity within the Air New Zealand fleet that could have been used. After all, any airline is only making money while their planes are in the air, no on the ground.

Miss Clarks use (although denied) of confidential information provide by Air New Zealand to New Zealand Foreign Affairs to score a cheap political shot on Mr Downer is beyond belief and totally unacceptable.

It is just shows how this Labour Government is out of touch with ordinary New Zealand. Most New Zealanders according to major New Zealand News sites support Air New Zealand’s charter flights for the Australian Defence Force, and its freedom to do so as a legal entity.


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Comment by sbiddle, on 5-Sep-2007 21:52

Downer is a fantastic politician and an even better foreign minister. It's a shame that our PM is obviously so jealous of somebody else that she has to stoop so low.

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