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Roaming; do we really have it that bad?

, posted: 7-Nov-2007 14:31

To answer that question, I thought I would investigate the roaming rates and charged for our Aussie neighbours with 4 of their major providers (5 networks). The reason for choosing to compare us with Australia is simple, Australia is New Zealand’s most popular international destination, and a far few Aussies cross the ditch each year to pay a visit to their kiwi cousins.

So, what does it cost for our Aussie friends to roam to New Zealand?

Australian Roaming Tabel (AUD):

 Telstra GSMTelstra CDMAOptusHutch 3Vodafone
Flag Fall$0.40$0.40$0.25$0.25$0.00
National Call$1.78$0.50$1.50$2.00$1.49
Back to Australia$3.62$0.50$3.30$3.80$3.02
Incoming Call$0.64$0.64$1.17$2.00$1.17



Optus (flag fall is not clear)

Hutch 3*




*Adjusted to 6o seconds


As you can clearly see Telstra CDMA customer receive the best rates to roam here, all be it they will be unable to from the 28th of January if Telstra goes ahead with their planed CDMA network shutdown.


What do the New Zealand networks charge?



{edit} New Zealand Roaming Table (NZD):

 TelecomVodafone (Travler)Vodafone Standard
National Call$0.85Home RateClick Here
Back to New Zealand$0.85Home RateClick Here
Incoming Call$1.00$1.00$1.00


So, do we really have it that bad (at the very least from 28th January 2008)?

Your call.




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Comment by NokiaRocks, on 7-Nov-2007 15:28

$75 per text... man what a rip :p

Author's note by nzbnw, on 7-Nov-2007 15:33

 Woops! All fixed now!


Comment by Aloha, on 7-Nov-2007 17:17

Is it in AUD or in NZD?

Comment by Aloha, on 7-Nov-2007 17:19

Could you do a similar table what NZ networks charge and put under the existing one? Then we could easily compare them.

Author's note by nzbnw, on 7-Nov-2007 20:11

Update: The orignal table was in AUD, I have added the NZ table, which is in NZD. I would convert the currency but as it keeps changing just wouldn't work out.


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