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Telecom Wholesale and WorldXChange to work together.

, posted: 29-Nov-2007 12:37


New Zealanders moving into selected new subdivisions around the country
will be able to enjoy next generation telecommunications services,
following an announcement made at the Digital Strategy Summit launching a
joint project by Telecom Wholesale and WorldxChange Communications to
deliver phone and broadband services over fibre optic cables connected
directly to homes.

Starting with ten new subdivisions under development, Telecom is laying
down fibre cables instead of traditional copper.  Telecom Wholesale will
leverage the high performance capability of the new fibre network, and
provide the underlying connectivity to enable WorldxChange to deliver
their proven Xnet VFX digital voice over broadband service.

WorldxChange will deliver advanced phone and internet services via their
next generation IP product suite,  which will enable end-users to control
service features such as call forwarding, voicemail notification and
three-way calling by using a simple online portal to adjust settings to
suit their needs.

“We are delighted to work with WorldxChange to be the first to bring
faster, better telecommunications services to users in these new
communities,” said Telecom Wholesale CEO, Matt Crockett.  “We are
committed to providing open access to our networks, and with new homes
scheduled to be completed from February 2008, it is great to work with
WorldxChange to deliver a tried and tested VoIP service in time for the
first residents moving in.”

“This project provides us with an excellent opportunity to showcase true
next-generation telecommunications services running over Telecom’s NGN,”
said WorldxChange Director of Operations & Carrier, Paul Clarkin. “Over
the past five years, we have invested heavily in carrier-grade IP
technology and we view Telecom Wholesale’s decision to partner with us as
a significant milestone for customers and also an indication of how
services will be provided to access seekers under operational separation.”

As part of the Telecom Wholesale and WorldxChange project, residents of
new subdivisions in Wanaka, Queenstown, Papakura, Cromwell and Orewa, will
be the first to experience high-quality VoIP services delivered over
fibre.  The pilot project will run until September 2008 and will be
available to up to 1000 homes across those locations.

Early in the New Year, Telecom Wholesale will kick off industry and
customer consultation in order to define a fully equivalent broadband
fibre tail offering.   It aims to move quickly to develop and launch this
product and give customers the capability to deliver phone and internet
services over fibre connections as soon as possible.

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