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Stop Japan's whaling programme - The Dominion Post

, posted: 20-Dec-2007 11:31

The Dominion Post has launched a campaign against Japanese whaling, with various articles on their website;

Please show your opposition to Japanese Whaling, by signing an online petition headed by the Dominion Post;

In my view the New Zealand Government needs to take a harder line against Whaling by being willing to send a New Zealand Navy Frigate to the South Pacific. Equally the New Zealand Media should take with both hands the opportunity given to them by way of the upcoming political elections in 2008, by obtaining commitments from the major political parties.


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Comment by allan pedley, on 1-Jan-2008 21:51

stop hiding behind science ! the world knows you are doing it for old customs & food.stop hiding behind lies. be happy with your fish quota per year, without any sort of whale on the menu.

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