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Travelling to the USA?

, posted: 10-Jan-2009 13:01

From Monday the 12th of January 2009 you need to visit a US Government Department of Homeland Security website to complete an Electronic System for Travel Authorization application.

 You can find the form here:    

Seeing as I am off to the states in April, I thought I should pass this one to other Geekzone readers who may be travelling and are unaware of this new requirement under the Visa Waiver programme.  


Air New Zealand giving away five Nokia N95 8GB or Blackberry 8830 Phones

, posted: 20-May-2008 11:33

Air New Zealand is offering the opportunity to win one of five, Nokia N95 8GB phones, or if you are a Telecom Customer, you can choose a Blackberry 8830.

In exchange Air NZ will send entrants a one off txt message providing a link to their WAP site that includes arrival and departure information for Air New Zealand flights. For Vodafone customers it is free to browse. Charges apply for other service providers (Telecom 1c /KB).


Enter here:  


Team New Zealand out of the Americas Cup?

, posted: 19-Mar-2008 10:55

Briefly; Team New Zealand have effectively been ruled out of competing in the next Americas Cup. A New York Judge has ruled that, Alinghi, the Americas Cup holders must race Oracle BMW Racing for the Americas Cup in 2008.

The match will be held in July.

Team New Zealand has also filed two lawsuits against Alinghi, one of which is compensation for delays.




{edit} The Americas Cup will be sailed in 2008, not 2009.

Stop Japan's whaling programme - The Dominion Post

, posted: 20-Dec-2007 11:31

The Dominion Post has launched a campaign against Japanese whaling, with various articles on their website;

Please show your opposition to Japanese Whaling, by signing an online petition headed by the Dominion Post;

In my view the New Zealand Government needs to take a harder line against Whaling by being willing to send a New Zealand Navy Frigate to the South Pacific. Equally the New Zealand Media should take with both hands the opportunity given to them by way of the upcoming political elections in 2008, by obtaining commitments from the major political parties.


Japanese Pirate Whalers and Migaloo

, posted: 14-Nov-2007 14:41

Japan’s ‘pirate whalers’ prepare to leave Japan in the coming days to expand their illegal hunt in the Southern Whale Sanctuary to include 100’s of Minke Whales, 50 Fin Whales and a further 50 endangered Hump Back Whales , that could include the popular  Australian Icon, Migaloo.

When asked about the disturbing possibility of killing, what is thought to be the only albino Hump Back in the world, the Japanese have given no comment.  However according to Sea Shepherd:

Two years ago when the Japanese Fisheries Agency spokesperson was asked if Migaloo would be included in the whale killing the answer was "he is a humpback, isn't he?"

The reality is to stop the Japanese hunting Whales, the New Zealand and Australian Governments need to step up the pressure and be willing not only to talk tough, but to walk the talk, by backing speech up with actions. We must ask ourselves, to what extent to we value whales, and how far are we willing to go to fight for something we believe in.

There are a number of things we could do. We could send the New Zealand Navy down to the Southern Whale Sanctuary and board illegal Whaling ships, but that would likely cause a sharp decline in political relations with Tokyo.

They key is to make the Japanese public aware of what is going on, and how unimpressed the rest of the western world is about it. They key in my view is for organisations such as Sea Shepherd and Greenpeace, to get large Japanese Corporate onside, and getting these companies to speak out, to help influence public opinion.

For more information about the Japanese Whale hunt in the Southern Whale Sanctuary please visit:

About Migaloo:


Save the Dolphins - Taiji Slaughter

, posted: 1-Nov-2007 23:04

Well, this is something different than the usual postings about telecommunications’ and other technology items, but none the less the illegal whaling that the Japanese Government partake in, and the slaughter that happens every year in the Japanese costal village of Taiji is a topic that I feel extremely passionate about.

I have been following the Japanese illegal waling for quite some time, and more recently the senseless and cruel Taiji slaughter.

So my challenge to you or request if you like is to send the letter below (via the link) to the Prime Minister of Japan. Alternatively you are of course welcome to send this sample letter prepared by Sea Shepherd to an alternative Japanese Government official (see below).

Sea Shepherd: I am outraged by the annual brutal slaughter of dolphins and whales that takes place in Japan. The images of bloody red water clearly show the world that Japan has little respect for the state of the world’s oceans and for the conservation of the marine resources it claims to support.Many scientific studies show that the oceans are in decline. We must take whatever actions are necessary to stop their over-exploitation and to protect the creatures that live in them. These dolphins do not belong to Japan. The status of the species of dolphins and whales that you kill are either endangered, threatened, or unknown. It is an unthinkable waste that they will likely end up as a meat product or deceptively sold as whale meat, polluted with toxic levels of mercury and cadmium, killing people that eat it. It is tragic and unacceptable that the remaining dolphins that are not killed will end up destined for death in an aquarium, water park, or "swim with dolphins" program.In addition, the methods used to kill these animals are cruel. Corralling the dolphins into bays, then making them suffer a long and painful death by spears, hooks, and drowning is an inhumane way of fishing. This action is disgraceful and has caused much disappointment in the international community.We demand that Japan permanently and immediately renounce and stop this slaughter. We will work diligently to bring this issue to international light until you have ceased your reprehensible violence.Sincerely,


Mr. Yoshiki Kimura
Prefectural Office of Wakayama
1-1 Komatsubaradouri, Wakayama-shi
Wakayama-ken, 640-8269 Japan

Tel: +81-73-441-2034
Public comment lines: +81-73-441-2028
Fax: +81-73-431-0462


Kawase, Yoshino and Tokura
Tel: +81-3-3502-8111 ext. 7057 and 7058
OR: +81-3-3591-5613 ( direct)

Ambassador Ryozo Kato
2520 Massachusetts Ave., N.W.
Washington D.C. 20008-2869

Tel: (202) 238-6700,
Fax: 202-328-2187
Hours: M-F 9:15-12:30 and 2:00-6:16

If you would like to read more about the Taiji slaughter please visit the Sea Shepherd website(s);


Alternatively if you wish you can make a donation to Sea Shepherd via their website.



New Zealand Herald and Telstra CDMA

, posted: 24-Oct-2007 12:56

The New Zealand Herald claim that Telstra in Australia are about to completely switch to GSM, which is of course incorrect. Telstra are about to switch to WCDMA/UMTS (Next G), which in its self is a minor inaccuracy, as the general public will most likely still refer to such technology as GSM, despite older handsets being unoperatable with Telstra’s new mobile network.

But the bit that bugged me, is with the New Zealand Herald saying Telecom’s Samsung W531 Worldmode handset will operate on both CDMA (which it does) and Telstra’s new Next G (WCDMA) network (which it most certainly does not). The Samsung W531 operates on older GSM networks, which in Australia do not offer the same vastness of coverage that CDMA and Next G currently do.

Come on New Zealand Herald, get your facts straight, and stop misleading the New Zealand public, just for once!

Also as an interesting side note, no one seems to be picking up on the fact that the Australian Federal Government will not allow Telstra to close their CDMA network, until it is satisfied that Next G provides equal or better coverage than CDMA. Currently audits are underway to determine if this is the case, and they are expected to take 3 months to complete, a tight time frame with 100 days until Telstra plan to switch of CDMA.


Air New Zealand - Political Pawn?

, posted: 5-Sep-2007 21:13

In following up on a recent post, by Jama about Air New Zealand, it seems this issue refuse's to die, and why should it?

Helen Clark and her Labour led Government have turned the National Carrier into nothing more than political pawn. At the end of the day, Helen Clark and the Labour Government ministers need to get their heads around the fact that Air New Zealand is not an SOE (State Owned Enterprise), even through the majority shareholder is the New Zealand tax payer. As a direct result of being a private company, I personally feel it is inappropriate for any New Zealand Government official to comment on the private affairs of Air New Zealand, and its business decisions, within the bounds of New Zealand law.

It is extremely unfortunate that Air New Zealand has become a victim of this political interference, with Australia’s Foreign Minister stating that Air New Zealand will no longer be used by the Australian Armed Forces. This is a great loss, in respect to revenue and excess capacity within the Air New Zealand fleet that could have been used. After all, any airline is only making money while their planes are in the air, no on the ground.

Miss Clarks use (although denied) of confidential information provide by Air New Zealand to New Zealand Foreign Affairs to score a cheap political shot on Mr Downer is beyond belief and totally unacceptable.

It is just shows how this Labour Government is out of touch with ordinary New Zealand. Most New Zealanders according to major New Zealand News sites support Air New Zealand’s charter flights for the Australian Defence Force, and its freedom to do so as a legal entity.


New Sony Vaio Laptop

, posted: 8-Aug-2007 21:43

Well after waiting a few weeks my new Sony Vaio laptop has finally arrived, and I have decided that the wait has been worth it!

Quick rundown on the specs:

·         Windows Vista Business

·         2GB Ram

·         2.16 Centrino Core Duo

·         The all important finger print reader =)

·         Inbuilt camera

I have also added Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007.

So far I am impressed with the windows Vista OS, but still getting use to it compared to XP Pro. I still have yet to find an easy way to migrate all my files from my PC, as I intended to use my laptop for day to day use.


If there is anything I should know, or any specific software available for Vista and I should know about please let me know!


nzbnw's Geekone Blog Intro

, posted: 8-Aug-2007 21:35

Well as many of you may know I have been around Geekzone forums for quite some time, and now I think is a great opportunity to create my very own Geekzone blog.Just a quick background about myself, I currently work for a large New Zealand communications company, and as a direct result have a keen interest in the Telecommunications industry. I also am quiet into computers, although Telecommunications has become my passion over the last 3 or so years within my current role with my employer.Along with working within the Telecommunications industry I am also studying, and when I finish my paper I will look to further my career within my organisation of employment.

Those of you who have been around a while will know who I work for, and if you ever want some advice or any help in that respect, please by all means get in contact with me!


nzbnw's profile

New Zealand