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Mythtv, xvid, and my PSP

, posted: 4-Sep-2008 22:45

When I first started fiddling around with Mythbuntu I (like everyone else) needed to know how to get the video off the myth host into something less annoying than the nupplevideo format it records in. (if you are using a BT analogue capture card, that is)

Searching lead me to apt-get install nuvexport.  Nuvexport is a set of scripts that does a nice job of converting the nuv files into xvid, mpeg2 and other formats. (no H264/MP4 the last time I checked).

So now my host records Family Guy each night, then converts said episode into a 300mb xvid @ 1meg/s CBR which I then re-rip using PSPVideo9 into an MP4 to watch on my PSP at lunchtime.  Video quality is excellent, audio is listenable (I'm doing the MP4 ripping at the lowest quality so it fits on to my memory card 'cause I'm too cheap to buy a bigger one and I *REALLY* want to keep the demo of God of War on it). PSPV9 takes about five min to rerip. Handy bit of s/w.

When using nuvexport with mythbuntu you first need to have enabled the Win32 codecs using mythbuntusetup, then use apt to install nuvexport.

Running nuvexport by hand works like a treat - I found that once I added it to the user jobs as nuvexport-xvid (to select xvid output by script name) the export jobs would bomb out.  Reading through the export logs found that certain lines in the scripts try to write to the screen and as they are running in the background they can't and get pissy and stop.  Rem'ing the offending lines out of the nuvexport scripts resolved this so now the user jobs work fine.  DVD export works OK, just takes ages.  Then again, as the myth host is a dual-cpu PIII 700 converting 36min of Family Guy to xvid takes about 4.5 hours to complete.

The next step is to buy a Hauppauge Nova-S card and stick that in the host - then I'll have mpeg2 written to the drive instead of nuv files, and I'll be able to go directly to PSP without having to go through the xvid stage first.

WAF was dropping sharply for a while, now as I've stopped spending nights fiddling around with the satellite receiver it's slowly increasing.

All this just to get C4 reception in Lyttelton. And to watch Family Guy again. (Without exceeding my ISP data cap...)

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Comment by Hinko, on 15-Sep-2008 23:20

I tried this card and found 8.04.1 did not detect it as a DVB card, so it seems to need something more to shoehorn it in, I am told a Technotrend is correctly detected, hope that helps you!

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