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Loud Noises in the Dark

, posted: 16-Sep-2008 21:36

Well, Friday the 12th was a day to remember.

Disturbed played Christchurch. To be more precise, Disturbed blew the roof off the Westpac Trust centre and rained Metal all over Addington.

What a concert - my lovely wife & I went along expecting to feel old and colourful against the sea of black t-shirts & jeans and were surprised to be nowhere near the oldest rockers there. And there was much more than just black t-shirts on view.

Redline started up OK - tickets said first band on at 7.15 but I'm fairly sure that Redline started earlier than that; they were over by 7.30pm. Alterbridge did their set against intermittant house lights that kept coming up - their set was OK, but not quite what I expected. P.O.D. were OK as well - we both expected more from them though.

However, from the moment Dave Draiman was wheeled on until the house lights came back up at the end, Disturbed owned the show!  Audio was loud & clear, the lighting was great and their prescence on stage was impressive.

We had seats dead centre at the top and we could see everything really well.  We watched the moshpit sway left and right as those up front got right into it. It was funny to see the large number of glowing cell phones held up and recording in the standing crowd from up top where we were. And the clouds of dubious looking smoke rising to the lights. :)

DD had a few words to say at the end of the gig, and his comments on the chick(s) who decided to remove articles of their clothing (and everything for one girl) got a good laugh for all. (FWIW apparently the 2nd chick who presented herself to the crowd to have a look at wasn't all that hot, according to a friend in the moshpit who was right there next to her).

Then Disturbed ended up their set with 'The Sickness' and had the crowd really pumping and jumping. And several thousand happy sweaty people made their way out into the cold Christchurch evening.

What a night!!!

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