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Bricked a BlackBerry, B_gger it!

, posted: 26-Oct-2008 11:49

Friday afternoon get handed a Blackberry 8707v to play with for the long weekend. Nice toy, no data plan so can't do email.  No problems there.

Friday evening, sitting on the couch watching telly. Downloaded & installed BBDM, working out how to change stuff with this model.  Ringtones, wallpaper, etc etc. Sync'd contacts, tasks, calendar via BBDM - works nicely.

Friday night, 11pm.  Ooooh, this site has a Southpark theme for free download that's compatible with the 8707.  Awesome. <click> download.  <click click> Use program loader to get it into the BB.  Hmmm, Blackberry rebooted.  No problem - it must do this when installing software.

Friday night, 11.03pm.  Data Abort.... reset

Friday night, 11.05pm.  Nope, pulling the battery out didn't fix this message.  Aww sh*t I've just bricked the demo Blackberry.

... 11.06pm Google...

... 11.07pm Register for BlackBerry forums...

... 11.08pm Hmmm this looks promising.  Need to download the latest firmware from RIM for the 8707v.

Saturday morning, 12.15am Firmware finished downloading

... 00.30am Envoked the loader.exe /nojvm to wipe the BB and upgrade the OS

... 01.25am Yay.  Blackberry now working again.  Ooooh, the 4.2 firmware is much nicer, new apps, missing some themes from what was there before.  Oh well, maybe this was all worth it.

... 01.38am Crawl into bed trying not to wake up my Wife. Failed. Dammit.

Mental note, BB's are easier to brick than first thought.  Serves me right. :)

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Comment by hairy1, on 26-Oct-2008 20:02

Great story! I remember trying to do the crawling into bed thing when I had a K-jam and played with loads of Windows Mobile 6 ROM's.... They just don't understand! I now live with a Nokia 6234... Very boring but it just works!



Author's note by nzsouthernman, on 27-Oct-2008 17:14

Nothing like breaking a toy by fiddling with the firmware. :)

I had to laugh, the post I found that told me how to recover from this was entitled  'So, you've fiddled with themes on your BlackBerry and now you've got the "Data Abort, reset" message'.

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