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Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.04 & Asus eee 904 Laptop

, posted: 11-May-2009 19:42

As 'World + dog' is rev'd up by the release of Ubuntu 9.04 I thought I'd use up some bandwidth and download several of the available versions. Yet again bittorrent proves its worth for things other than just pirating movies.
My test machines have been an IBM R40 notebook (tried Jaunty x32, Januty Netbook Remix, Mythbuntu 9.04 & Kubuntu 9.04 on it) and an Asus eee 900 w/ 4GB SSD + 16GB SSD (Jaunty Netbook Remix).
The best one so far has been the eee - strangely enough once the kernel issues with the video driver got sorted it boots very quickly (though not as fast as the original Xandros distribution) and once booted is extremely responsive for a wee celeron & 1GB ram.
Method to install (using a Windows PC to prepare the USB key;
Step 1) Download the Ubuntu 9.04 NBR .img file from a torrent or a mirror Step 2)  Download Win32DiskImager from Step 3)  Use Win32DiskImager to write the .img file to a 1GB or greater USB key Step 4) Stick the USB key into the left-hand USB port on the eee (also set the BIOS to be able to boot from USB before booting from SSD) Step 5) Let NBR boot up fully from the key to check that all is well Step 6) Follow nose through the Ubuntu installation wizard and let it install - I put '/' on the 4GB SSD, and swap and '/home' onto the 16GB SSD. Step 7) When finished and booted up on the eee the icons will respond **VERY** slowly as the mouse passes over them - now need to download & apply the rc kernel to fix this Step 8) Plug in ethernet or configure wifi, then fire up Firefox and go to and download the apw5 .deb files to desktop or wherever. Then get out to a terminal/console session, navigate to said folder where they all are and enter 'sudo dpkg -i *.deb' Step 9) Reboot and the interface will have amazingly sped up. Woohoo.
Works like a charm.
I'm going to try Windows 7 tomorrow on the same eee to see how that goes...

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Comment by giez joe, on 15-Jun-2009 13:36

I'm going to try Windows 7 tomorrow on the same eee to see how that goes..... I have install Windows 7 in my 904hd and its works perfect with no faulty.But for ubuntu netbook remix it seems to have some issues. Seems i have notice the problem when im trying to triple boot from xp,win7&ubuntu maybe ill try it later.

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