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What to do with a drunken, ah broken, laptop

, posted: 11-Sep-2009 13:58

To any of you mechanically minded GZ'ers out there... a question if you please.

I've got a laptop with a perfectly good working screen but broken hinges.  By broken I mean snapped right through.

The laptop is uneconomical to repair but works fine if the screen is propped up balanced against the wall on top of its base.

What would you do to make something to hold it together?  I'm after ideas here - I don't need the ability to open & close the lid but do want to view the screen. Basically I want to keep it supported and opened up for use.  I'm not a mechanically minded kind of person (I sit behind a keyboard & mouse all day) so any suggestions on what to make up would be wonderful to receive.


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Comment by BrentR, on 11-Sep-2009 14:07

Couple of metal brackets set at the right angle and then glued to the plastic house of the laptop?

Comment by boby55, on 11-Sep-2009 18:07

Sell it on Trademe, People are willing to pay Megabucks for faulty laptops

Comment by CJbravo, on 12-Sep-2009 12:38

What about one of those recipe book holders that people use in kitchens?

Author's note by nzsouthernman, on 14-Sep-2009 08:53

@BrentR - that's a very good idea. Thanks for this!

@CJbravo - also a good idea - I might even have one of them somewhere to see if it's got enough support in it.

@boby55 - I saved this laptop from the 'going to TradeMe' pile as it runs MythDora 10 sweet and is suitable for a small MythTV for my workshop...  

Comment by Bastos, on 14-Sep-2009 09:44

Call around or look at trademe for the backpanel & bezel if required. You dont need a repairman, It will cost less than $100 buks ($60 when I used to work with laptops) & its only a couple of screws, nothing too technical

Comment by rik, on 14-Aug-2010 11:42

Is this still an issue? I'm sure I could make you some type of stand to attach screen to base.

Comment by Criggie, on 23-Nov-2010 15:18

Exactly what model? There are OEM parts resellers on the web who can sell you exactly the bit you want. $15 US.

Author's note by nzsouthernman, on 24-Nov-2010 21:14

@Criggie - That's a good idea - it's a wee HP and I hadn't thought of that. I shall do some googling now. Cheers.

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