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Ubuntu Karmic Koala NBR on Asus EEE 901

, posted: 31-Oct-2009 11:00

Yay!  The release of Ubuntu Karmic Koala is finally here.

Yesterday I downloaded both the desktop x86 & Netbook Remix ISO's from the NZ mirror (all up took 10min - sweet bandwidth!) and pretty quickly burnt out the NBR CD and installed it onto the work Asus eee 901. 900mhz Celeron, 1GB ram, 4gb SSD + 16GB SSD.

Karmic works like a treat - everything 'Just Worked' - wireless supported (that worked in Linux Mint 7 & Ubuntu NBR 9.04 also), the web camera worked (didn't in 9.04, but did in Mint with some fiddling), the netbook frontend's icons work nicely this time as under 9.04 I had to do a kernel hack to get the acceleration out of the video card.

Very nice, very simple install with perfect results.

Well done Ubuntu!

My next attempt with Karmic will be when Mythbuntu release their next version based on 9.10 - can't wait!

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Comment by Rohan, on 31-Oct-2009 14:44

Does ubuntu 9.10 netbook remix come with wubi?

Author's note by nzsouthernman, on 1-Nov-2009 16:13

@Rohan - Well, I've not had the need to try and use wubi before, but the ISO for the Netbook Remix certainly has wubi.exe in the root of the disc, so I'm going to take a stab and say 'Yes, it does'.

I'll have a fiddle with NBR/wubi next week sometime on one of my test machines.  Am about to install the x86 desktop edition on a dual-P3 desktop so will be posting about that later today (hopefully!) too.

Comment by Alan Spicer, on 3-Nov-2009 07:28

Ubuntu is now a fully mature O.S. and suite of programs. I have been running Ubuntu Netbook Release 9.04 set up as a dual boot with WinXP on a EeePC1000H which I use as my travel computer. The auto upgrade to U 9.10 as usual went without a hitch, everything works, its very fast to boot and use. After using various Windows since the original version, I'm now gradually moving to Ubuntu Linux - it's faster, free, a breeze to maintain, a delight to use, and everything works. The new built-in Ubuntu software cataloge offers access to 100s of free software titles covering a vast spectrum in addition to the complete range of titles that come with the download. If you are unconvinced, download the Live CD iso download and try it! This runs (quite slowly because it is running from CD) at boot time as a stand-alone. I'm sure you will be impressed.

Comment by forty, on 24-Nov-2009 23:13

Would it be possible to get instructions or links to that kernel hack you mentioned?

Comment by nzsouthernman, on 26-Nov-2009 17:23

Hi @forty. From memory, go to and download the apw5 .deb files to desktop or wherever. Then get out to a terminal/console session, navigate to said folder where they all are and enter 'sudo dpkg -i *.deb' If it works (and those files are still there...) reboot and the interface should speed up.

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