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Why I love my E71

, posted: 22-Nov-2010 16:24

I've got to say - I've had phones from all different manufacturers over the years ranging from Palm Pilots to Windows Mobiles to Nokias to Blackberrys and even the PITA's called Motorola's.

My current E71 however has to be the best I've ever had - with the caveat of the small keys & my fat fingers.

That aside, I upgraded my firmware last week and before I upgraded I was impressed with the GPS functionality and it's ability to have offline maps to take with you - no data required to use them.

Well, upgrading to the v5 firmware has decreased GPS lock from 1min on a good day to 10sec on a bad day.  Very impressive. It's now using the cellsites as the stating location - I love this.

Combine this with the Ovi store (nowhere near as many apps as Android or iPhone) for apps & the built-in SIP client this is a great stylish & awesome battery life phone.

Since people like to bag Nokia now and then I thought I'd throw in my $.02 in their favour - I also run around with a Blackberry 8707v and it's nice to use too, (big keys that work well with my fat fingers), but the Nokia beats it hands down for functionality.

S60 may be old now, but Nokia put a lot of thought into it - they make good phones first, and face/twit/linked/mysp/social apps devices second.


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Comment by Arctic-Silver, on 22-Nov-2010 17:37

I agree completely! Ive been trying to tell people this for years. I always stick with Nokia simply because they make phones not social media/entertainment devices. Plus the OVI guide is amazing for older phones, it allows you to text and sync contacts via bluetooth.

Comment by nate, on 22-Nov-2010 19:44


Comment by Technofreak, on 22-Nov-2010 20:12


I don't have and E71 but do have a S60 V5 phone. Symbian might not be flashy but it works well.

One thing I am discovering is one reason there are more apps for the iPhone is because it won't work with apps that work with most other mobile devices. 

Some websites for example have to specially cater for the iPhone.  Take the Air New Zealand MPass app, they have one for all mobile devices running java wjich is pretty well everything except the iPhone and a special one for the iPhone. 

Other websites don't need an iPhone app but have one just to be trendy.  Go figure!!!

Comment by Azzo, on 23-Nov-2010 10:29

I too have an E71, and I love it, but i didn't update to v.500 because some people say that the last firmware has a delay so that people can't hear your voice for about 1 second when you answer a call. The same bug when you do a call. So I have v.400 that is good enough. Symbian S60 still works good in 2010:)

Comment by ScottStevensNZ, on 23-Nov-2010 11:39

This is a really dumb question: but where do you get the latest firmware from?


Author's note by nzsouthernman, on 23-Nov-2010 17:04

@Azzo - I had a couple of calls where I couldn't hear the caller but they could hear me after upgrading to v5.  Didn't think anything of it at the time, but that might be why. I've just re-tested it and it's OK now so as I was in Akaroa with low 3G signal it might have been related to that.

@ScottStevensNZ - That's not a dumb question at all. I tripped over the new firmware.  To get it, install the latest OVI client on your computer and let it update itself (the client that is) to it's latest revision.  Then sync your phone (I recommend via USB as the bluetooth sync is really really slow, and when you get to the firmware bit it tells you to use USB anyway) so that some stuff is sync'd to your computer. If you run the 'check for updates' bit of OVI it won't find anything to do. Once you've done a sync tell OVI to do a backup of your phone.  Then disconnect the phone, close the OVI client and right-click the icon by your clock and exit it there.  Wait a moment, then re-open the OVI client and plug your phone back in once OVI is fully loaded.  Now wait for a while (don't click anything).  Mine took five to ten minutes, but eventually the OVI client will show you that there's an update available for your phone.  It'll appear on the main page on the right-hand side under where OVI tells you about map updates and backups etc.  Once the update link is visible, click it and it'll start the long winded process of backup/upgrade/restore from backup that took me a few hours all up. Then you'll have v5 in all it's yummy fast-GPS lock goodness. (And perhaps a wee issue with call connection).

Comment by Chris, on 29-Nov-2010 19:02

@ScottStevensNZ Download ''Nokia Software Updater I have provided the link, all you do is install this SW on your computer and connect your phone. Note: If your phone has carrier branding you may not be able to get the latest update.

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