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Why I love Blackberry Enterprise Server

, posted: 8-Mar-2011 22:07

Today I found out something I didn't know about Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES).

I've been slowly recovering a customer's entire datacentre from backups - they are affected by the Christchurch quake in that their premises are in the 'going to get squashed by the Hotel Grand Chancellor' zone and so can't get at their servers. And the power's out. And their generator's out of gas.

One of the many is a Blackberry server, Blackberry Professional Server 4.1 to be exact.

I decided that instead of recovering it from backup I'd take the opportunity to install clean and go for BES Express 5 instead - you get a free 75 user license with BES-EXP and it's nice to use.

The only downside to a fresh installation is that I expected to have to reactivate each Blackberry phone so that the users can sync their mail/calendars/contacts etc again.

Well, imagine my surprise when after I finished the BES installation and started adding the users again I noticed that all the Blackberries that are turned on started to reconnect themselves without having to be told to.

Awesome! RIM's method of sync'ing a BB to their Exchange mailbox by divorcing the user account from the sync method has paid us back in spades - obviously RIM's datacenters must recognise the users' email address when the BES server came back up and went 'oh, hey, I know you from a while back. No, even though you've got a new server, I'll reconnect you fine'.

Beat that any other technology that needs to use Activesync / Intellisync etc. Ha!

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Comment by MackinNZ, on 9-Mar-2011 14:35

BES 5 on a new server reconnected the devices without having to wipe the handsets????   You were just lucky I think. 

Comment by BigDave, on 21-Mar-2011 15:21

seems like a strange scenario, was the Exchange server still intact? or the existing db still available?

also the BES Ex 5 should be limitless in number of licenses? unless your running on an MS SBE Server as the limit of 75 in actually the server not the BES :) 

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