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Have people never heard of ad blockers?

, posted: 16-Aug-2013 15:08

While perusing at lunch today I come across this article complaining about ads in Facebook.

It isn't really rocket science to install AdBlock Plus into {insert browser of choice, but probably not Internet Explorer} and once done, those ads are a thing of the past.  Continued whining about ads in the media annoys the hell out of me when the solution is half a dozen clicks away.

Just remember to put in an exclusion for as @freitasm can use the revenue. :)

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Comment by muppet, on 16-Aug-2013 15:27

Have you ever noticed when reading the media about Technology articles how annoyed you get, knowing how bad/wrong/misleading the reporting is?
Think about it for a second.  It's not just for Technology articles, it's for all articles.  You just notice because your area of expertise is Technology.

Most people know nothing about Technology, adblockers included.  My mum has a Gmail account she uses.  I asked her what her password was today, she looked at me like I was crazy.  "I don't know, who'd know that? Me? Should I know that?"

For you, with an understanding of computers, it's not rocket science.  For people that can't understand how to set their privacy options on Facebook, installing an Adblocker is advanced rocket science.

I struggled to change the oil in my car, my attempts to putty a Window are laughable and do you think I can fillet a fish?  None of those things are rocket science either, but I can't do them.

Comment by tr3v, on 16-Aug-2013 17:28

Be aware that Ad-Blockers sometimes block valid content that may be crucial to the function of a page.

Comment by michaelmurfy, on 16-Aug-2013 18:14

I have my ad blocker operate on a blacklist approach, if a site has really annoying ads or popups I block them. Geekzone doesn't have annoying ads and Mauricio well deserves the revenue for his hard work but has placed an option in to remove the ads for a small monthly / yearly fee. Facebook ads are very annoying but there's a browser extension called "FB Purity" that does an excellent job at removing crap from Facebook:  

Comment by networkn, on 16-Aug-2013 23:08

Ad blockers are tantamount to theft. These sites operate and they use ads to offset their costs. There is an inferred contract that if you go to a site, you are giving them ad revenue in exchange for content they provide. I hate facebook and I'd not use it by choice, but blocking their ad revenue is morally corrupt. If you don't like the ads, contact the site and tell them if they don't remove it, you won't visit any more. Though expect that if enough people do it, they will charge for the site, which should be ok as well. 

I strongly dislike the ads on the website, but I don't block the ads, I just visit there less, and sent the site admins a message saying I did so. 

Comment by mcraenz, on 17-Aug-2013 08:30

I choose not use an adblocker because I use ads on my blog. My blog which you can visit at - Too late, you already read it. Now block that! ;)

Comment by shk292, on 17-Aug-2013 19:27

Morally corrupt?  That's a bit strong.  I use adblockers on most sites, geekzone excluded.  I also fast forward past the ads on mysky and change radio channels when the Sound has long ad segments.  I'd say an implied contract is worth the paper it's written on

Comment by TinyTim, on 17-Aug-2013 21:50

Isn't Stuff developing a pay wall? Then you/they won't have to worry about ads.

Comment by kiwitrc, on 18-Aug-2013 07:34

@Networkn Disagree about blocking being theft. If the content is something I want then I am happy to pay for it, Geekzone or Sky TV for example. If Stuff stop serving up their trash for free then I simply wont bother to pay, its not worth it.

To say blocking ads is theft is like saying you should never get up from the ads on TV and go for a cuppa or a leak, or fast forward on Mysky etc.

Comment by tdgeek, on 18-Aug-2013 11:38

I agree with networkn.  The interweb is FTA. If everybody who uses the internet blocks ads, then theoretically the interweb will have to be pay per view or subscription based. I accept the ads, I hate the Youtube ads, I hate having to watch an ad for 20 seconds when I view a video on a website, but I'd prefer that to seeing a gazillion 1 cent debits on my creditcard statement as I paid for my browsing.

I can easily block ads, but I choose to play the moral game. 

Making a cuppa during TV ads? I can choose to watch the TV ads, or I can choose to not look at the website ads, same thing. MySky, yes we do FF thru ads. So I am hypocritical I guess, but Sky gave me that function so I happily use it. 

Author's note by nzsouthernman, on 18-Aug-2013 17:39

I'm always happy to pay for content where it's something I want. However I despise any intrusive kind of advertising that gets in my way, so I block it if I can.
@muppet - you make a good point there, but even though we are technical people, we have heard about changing the oil in our cars and get the appropriate people to do it for us.  The same thing applies to the less technical internet users out there - the just need to mention annoying ads to the nearest geek / teenager they see and viola! Ads be gone. Nothing to complain about.
@tr3v - sites that do stop working due to an ad-blocker blocking something important, well it's easy enough to disable the blocker on individual sites to make them work.

I'm a MythTV user and the automatic ad-break detection is a wonderful thing - skips the breaks about 80% of the time (100% if you're watching a cartoon) so reduces the amount of time you spend fast forwarding.

Thankfully DVD's & Blurays don't interrupt our viewing pleasure with ads during the main content, but I'm sure they'll try that soon.

Comment by Mark, on 19-Aug-2013 15:31

"Isn't Stuff developing a pay wall? Then you/they won't have to worry about ads."

I would bet anything that there will still be ads on their paid content.
Remember all those years ago when there was no advertising on Sky TV. Slowly over the years their price has increased and so has the amount of advertising.

Comment by rm79, on 21-Aug-2013 16:25

using AdZone plus on my chrome and firefox with default blacklist and works really great. I found that in firefox with Adblock plus enabled for Dailymotion i can't run the video in full screen mode but in chrome it works great.

Any idea how to fix that in firefox

Author's note by nzsouthernman, on 21-Aug-2013 22:22

@rm79  I'd suggest going to dailymotion's main page, then click the Adblock Plus icon in Firefox's toolbar and set it to disable for that site.

Then close the browser/reopen it again and see how the video streams from there on.  Also double-check that you've got the latest mozilla version of Adobe Flash Player by going to and check your browser plugin version - update if needed.

Comment by andrewNZ, on 27-Aug-2013 13:31

The reason I dropped facebook, is because it began injecting adverts into my timeline.

To me, ad blockers are also a security feature, there is (or at least was) too much risk in advertising content for me, people like my mother see all the wonderful flashing things and start merrily clicking and installing toolbars, spyware and viruses.

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