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MySky and the Northern Hemisphere Rugby Tour

, posted: 31-Oct-2008 11:44

For most rugby fanatics a Northern Hemisphere tour usually means broken sleep or rearranging life around replays.  With the advent of Personal Video Recorders and Sky’s OnDemand November will herald an improvement in viewer experience.

According to November’s SkyWatch subscribers with MySky will have All Blacks games automatically recorded to their device as part of Sky’s OnDemand service.  This gives the viewer the convenience of pause, rewind and repeat viewing without having to remember to record the game.  

For those not familiar with OnDemand it is the Pay-per-view facility for MySky.  Rather than the traditional staggered start of PPV (near Video-on-demand) there are a collection of programs, mainly Box Office movies, pushed to the MySky hard drive that allow subscribers to purchase a 24-hour viewing window for that content.  Sky constantly refreshes the content but at this stage doesn’t allow the subscriber to choose the playlist for purchase.

Now the All Blacks games will be pushed down to the hard drive and subscribers can watch in their own time.  The great news is that it’s free (ie you wont pay to watch that game) but no indication of whether this is only available to Sports subscribers.  The not-so-great news is that Sky will delete the game at some stage (not disclosed but one could hazard that it will disappear before the next game!).

One would hope that eventually Sky will offer “Season Ticket” style programming.  Imagine being able to have all of your favorite Premier League teams games (or, as some of my colleagues would prefer, the Uefa Champions League matches) automatically downloaded to the MySky to watch – regardless of whether the game was being broadcast live.  Personally I’d live to see my Chicago Bears games available every week.

In my opinion November’s development from Sky is a step in the right direction.  Of course the rugby purist will still rouse themselves in the wee small hours to watch the game live.  

The author may have an indirect financial interest in Sky, but no direct interest.  He does, however, have a direct interest in watching entertaining sport.

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Comment by allstarnz, on 2-Nov-2008 22:20

cool!! didn't know that

Comment by PDAMan, on 3-Nov-2008 12:12

I'm trying to convince my wife that we need My Sky. This is a cool feature, although I always tell her that if our boys can go over there and support us, the least I can do is get up in the middle of the night and support them:)

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