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The Greatest Show on Turf

, posted: 7-Jan-2009 16:28

This year the festive season didn’t eventuate until viewing an American Football game and seeing the ground blanketed in snow, with fluffy snowflakes falling around the players in New England.  Only then does one feel the full spirit of Christmas.  And the dawning realisation that NFL playoffs are so tangibly close. And in 2009 it appears that a treat is in store for the Kiwi couch potato - virtually every NFL playoff game beamed live into the home.

In the past American Football fans have endured either matches from one conference or another dependent on ESPN Internationals broadcast arrangements with the American networks.  No chance to watch their own team flourish or their darkest rivals demise.  This year with broadcasts from ESPN and Fox Sports a viewer has been treated to back-to-back live games of wildcard AFC and NFC games albeit on Sunday and Monday mornings.  Soon to be followed by the Divisional finals, the Conference Finals and the grand finale of the season SuperBowl on February 2 (NZT). 

Adding to the excitement is the glorious High-Definition of the Fox Sports games, which are truly beautiful.  The Miami Dolphins - Baltimore Ravens matchup in Florida with stunning sunshine and rich glorious detail was stark contrast to SuperBowl clash between Indianapolis and Chicago two years ago.  On that fateful day the driving rain almost rivalled the wintery blast of a Mt Smart Stadium Warriors match or, I imagine, a Auckland Blues game at Eden Park.  Of course Florida delivers significantly higher temperatures even during mid-winter. Of course nothing compares to being there but having a picture quality that looks as realistic as being there is a far cry to the snowy pixelated days of the 1990's when Monday Night Football first came to New Zealand.

And so now each weekend is an eager anticipation of the pageantry associated with the culmination of the football season.  Followed by a regular evening diet of catching up on the Monday games and steadfastly avoiding any news of the results.  Its not quite the heart-stopping watching as when the Bears made their relentless march to SuperBowl but the prospect of watching every playoff game of the Greatest Show on Turf gladdens this sports fan's heart.

Countdown to the SuperBowl has begun.

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