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TVNZ seeking to offload Commonwealth Games coverage

, posted: 23-Sep-2009 11:04

Media reports indicate that TVNZ is seeking to transfer Commonwealth Games 2010 coverage to Sky despite winning the coverage previously.
Apparently the high cost of the Games and the loss that TVNZ would make on providing coverage is unacceptable in this economic environment.  Sky is assuring the public that it will offer comprehensive FTA coverage, and TVNZ has not ruled out Sky licensing some content back to TVNZ. 
This occurs less than 12 months after TVNZ campaigned aggressively for anti-siphoning restrictions in the NZ market.  And that the market mechanism for premium content needed regulating.
If significant changes had been enacted, and Sky restricted from broadcasting, would that have meant that if TVNZ walked away for economic reasons then NZ may not have seen the Commonwealth Games next year?
Sanity has prevailed with respect to regulation.  The market mechanism isnt broken (and never was) and such deals as TVNZ is currently proposing means that the public is not denied coverage of sporting events.  But expect the politicans to decry such an announcement.  Remember TVNZ won coverage rights but now doesnt want them.  They were never denied them through an overbidder.

Ideally dual FTA and paytv coverage (possibily even simulcast of key events) should occur on these types of sporting events.  There are far too many events for a single network to carry and the NZ public still needs to see some events broadcast FTA.

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Comment by Dratsab, on 24-Sep-2009 10:36

A wee while ago they started broadcasting TV1 across mutliple Freeview channels, which I assumed was preparation for multicast steaming for the Commonwealth games.  Maybe not...

I also fail to see the point of their "Sports Extra" channel (freeview channel 7) as there's virtually never anything on it.  It should be renamed "Sports Never."

Overall this doesn't surprise me.  TVNZ seem very inept.

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