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Neon & SkyOnDemand - HD by stealth ?

, posted: 16-Sep-2016 13:19

There have be sporadic reports that some content on Neon is streaming in HD.  Investigation into recent content additions on SkyOnDemand reveals a quality improvement may be happening it does not appear to be HD as the purists would define it.

Confounding the issue is the absence of any announcement, promotion or even tagging of the content as HD.  One is left to deduce that the improvement change is occurring purely by the change in file size of downloaded SkyOnDemand content.  This method is fraught with its own potential inaccuracies as many would know that recent re-encoding of Netflix's library has enabled it to deliver higher quality content at the same (or lower) streaming rate.

However, some examples:

Game of Thrones S1 E1 59 mins 839 Mb
    S2 E1 52 749 Mb
    S3 E1 52 737 Mb
    S4 E1 55 771 Mb
    S6 E1 52 777 Mb
    S6 E1 51 1.28 Gb


Fear the Walking Dead S1 E1 61 928Mb
    S2 E11 41 1.03Gb


From NeonTV's website:

Here’s a guide from lowest to highest video stream quality:

  22 minute episode 45 minute episode 2 hour movie
Low 124MB 241MB 735MB
Medium 204MB 400MB 1.2GB
High 300MB 588MB 1.8GB
HD720 530MB 1.1GB 2.9GB
HD1080 1.0GB 2.1GB 5.5GB


This suggests that more recent additions (and it may change box set) have improved from "High" quality to HD720 quality.  It may also be specific to content supplier contracts rather than occurring for all new content from a certain day 

Finally, a word of warning, research into a small dataset of "premiere" movies on SkyOnDemand has not revealed any improvement for the Movies with a 2 hour movie still clocking in at 1.8Gb or "High" quality.

Any observations or announcements or rumour greatly appreciated.

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Comment by kharris, on 6-Oct-2016 14:03

I had a look at West World last night on neon (iPad) and there was video quality options up to HD 1080.  The default was auto but I am unsure what that selects by default.

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