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SkyOndemand - Catchup TV

, posted: 7-Dec-2016 16:36

Just discovered that Sky has added Catchup TV to its OnDemand offering.  In true Sky fashion there has been no communication, no details on the Sky Ondemand website or even buried in its online help.

It appears that there is either more catchup programming on a series-as-its-screening basis.  Or its a new way of listing the box sets.

Given that the listings are by channel and includes content from channels such as NatGeo, Discovery Turbo, Cartoon Network, Disney XD and the newly added Viceland channel it appears, at face value, that a whole lot more content has been made available.

Maybe I'll be bothered to explore it and add some information and discussion at a later date.

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Comment by tdgeek, on 15-Dec-2016 07:34

Given the negative attitude many have, and competition, I would have thought this is another way to add stickiness to Sky. But no emails or advertising it?

Author's note by ockel, on 15-Dec-2016 07:41

Exactly.  Despite the endless promos for OnDemand, getting connected and how-to on the preview page its staggering how many people dont know about whats available in terms of box sets.
And now adding Catchup without anyone knowing about it is yet another level of crazy.  Email blasts are so easy, crickey even snail mail for its subscribers (Sky has everyone's contact details!).  

It also begs the question - why wasnt this introduced much earlier?  NZ audiences are used to the prospect of catchup TV thanks to the fine efforts of TVNZ and Mediaworks so its not pioneering to offer it.  

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