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Sky OnDemand - Whats new in December in Television

, posted: 8-Dec-2016 16:45

It has been just over a year since Sky launched its OnDemand service.  Over that time I have recorded its additions and deletions and, like all streaming services, the content that it offers changes from time to time as programming rights reach the end of the contract period (and new content deals are signed).

With some 125 series disappearing this month there is an obvious anniversary effect on the library and it will be interesting to see how the library evolves over time.  The vast majority of this general entertainment content is offered to basic subscribers at no additional charge.

Number of new series offered this month:  25

Number of series removed from the library this month: 125.


SkyOnDemand now has

  • 286 box sets for all Basic subscribers (at no additional cost)
  • 37 additional box sets for Soho subscribers
  • More than 5,500 episodes totaling approx 3,900 hours (using an average estimate of 42 mins per episode)


This is in addition to

  • 37 general entertainment channels totaling more than 27,000 hours of content per month
  • 7 movie channels totaling more than 5,000 hours of content per month
  • 6 sport channels totaling more than 4,300 hours of content per month (plus pop-up sport content) excluding BeIN and Rugby Channels
  • 20 specialist channels

The full SkyOndemand list can be found here: SkyOndemand

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