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, posted: 27-Jun-2011 13:15

I dont know if this has been mentioned on this site yet, but I wasnt aware of it untill today, if you purchase a windows mobile with the latest software then you cannot sync it directly with outlook.

I'll say that again, you cannot sync a windows mobile directly with microsoft outlook 

    I can synch an iphone
                I can synch an android
                         I can sync a nokia blackberry and even the basic samsung mobiles

                                               I cannot synch a windows mobile

instead you have to install the outlook/hotmail connection software and copy all your contacts onto the cloud(windows live). it works(most of the time)

but lets face it, when even Sony cant defend their data (and microsoft has such a sterling record )who reallly wants to leave it to trust that all their data being placed onto their windows live account is now secure. im all for the cloud.. im not for being forced onto the cloud
all in all im shocked, i have really enjoyed my windows mobile experience untill i actualy tried to do this presumably basic function. I cant understand this decision at all

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Comment by billgates, on 27-Jun-2011 13:34

Windows mobile sync directly with Outlook. I think you mean the new Windows Phone OS. Like you have mentioned there is a work around available using the hotmail/outlook connector. I am sure in the near future an update will be available.

Author's note by pageweon, on 27-Jun-2011 13:40

yes i did mean the new windows mobile 7 OS

it looks great and it handles great but this lack will actualy make many of my customers much less likely to purchase


Comment by billgates, on 27-Jun-2011 13:46

Give them the link below to sync their outlook with Windows Phone.

Again, if your customers have an email account on Microsoft Exchange platform, then they do not need to do anything fancy mentioned in the link above. They simply setup an exchange account on their Windows Phone like I have and many others who work for all sort of companies.    

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