wedding soon

, posted: 11-Jan-2012 16:36

well, i havnt quite updated this as often as i promised myself i would

but i have an excuse!!!
              I'm getting married next month (17th of feb to be exact)
    its been a long engagement and should have been very easy to plan, but we lost our first wedding venue (elizabeth house) due to some quake damage and had to re-organise the whole thing again.

so is there anything you want to know about the wedding process?
would you like updates as i get it all ready(or more likely watch my fiance get it ready)

i have next week off work to get a few things arranged, wedding license and transport etc

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Comment by freitasm, on 11-Jan-2012 17:36


Comment by networkn, on 11-Jan-2012 20:12

Hey I sympathize, we lost 2 venues in a row, fully planned some non refundable deposits paid. A nightmare. In the end we skipped to fiji and got married in a glass church overlooking the reef with 35 of our closest friends and family. Was the most amazing thing. Took 20 minutes to plan the wedding once we were there. 

Author's note by pageweon, on 12-Jan-2012 09:19

well that sounds lovely, unfortunately both me and the missus are originally from the uk, and canceling all our family flights because we went to an other country could be troublesom

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