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Microsoft launches System Center Virtual Machine Maanger (SCVMM)

, posted: 22-Oct-2008 06:34

Microsoft have completed and launched their newest virtualisation product - Virtual Machine Manager 2008. VMM 2008 is part of Microsoft's effort to generate revenue from Virtualisation. In contract with the standalone Hyper-V product and the Windows Hyper-V role which cost nothing and close to nothing, VMM 2008 will sell for a recommended price of US$1,304 (license and 2 years software assurance).

Virtual Machine Manager 2008 provides management of three virtualization products – Microsoft Virtual Server 2005, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V and VMware ESX. Presumably Microsoft hopes providing VMware management features will help with transitioning users away from the VMware platform to Hyper-V. One key feature in this is the P2V (Physical to Virtual) conversion capabilities which is of particular use for transferring old servers running on old hardware in images that can be run in a virtualised environment. VMware provide similar functionality in their VMware Converter software - which is available in both free and commercial versions.

Of note regarding system requirements is that the server running VMM 2008 must be running Windows Server 2008 x64.

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