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Contrary to the rumours, Microsoft Response Point 2.0 is coming

, posted: 24-May-2009 22:30

In recent weeks a number of major websites and blogs have been highlighting concern surrounding the future of Microsoft's groundbreaking small business phone system - Response Point. And with good reason because during Microsoft's recent round of layoffs a number of the Response Point team were lost.

Add to the layoffs public comments from Microsoft that are unclear regarding the future of the product and it's understandable that early adopters might be concerned they will be stuck without future upgrades. A large number of those who have invested in the product so far appear to be Microsoft’s partners who have bought in expecting big things from the software giant. Surely Microsoft isn't planning to harm its closest followers?

I am pleased confirm that the future for Response Point is positive. After engaging with various individuals within Microsoft's OEM channel and within Microsoft it is clear that they have no intention of dropping Response Point. In fact one person suggested to me that Response Point 2, which was slated for release by OEMs before the end of Q1 2010 may in fact arrive earlier than planned.

What is unknown at this time however is just which features will make it into this next release. Microsoft's GM of Response Point has indicated that he plans to hold a 'Town Hall' meeting in the coming days to specifically communicate with the masses about Response Point's future, and likely the detailed plans for Response Point 2.0 and maybe even a few titbits on the Response Point 3.0 release.

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