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Telecom NZ advise Samsung Galaxy S4 price and launch timeframe

, posted: 21-Mar-2013 17:38

Samsung Galaxy S4

This afternoon, Telecom NZ have confirmed the Samsung Galaxy S4 will launch late April and be available to purchase outright for $1149. Preorders begin immediately.

The Galaxy S4 is expected to be Samsung's biggest selling device yet - following from the Galaxy SIII which has sold some 40-million units globally. The S4 has been dubbed as the 'Life Companion' by the Samsung marketing team. And in some ways that's exactly what devices such as the S4 are becoming.

Telecom's Chief Marketing Officer, Jason Paris indicated that there was a huge amount of interest in the new Samsung Galaxy S4 "This phone has some very exciting features, and we know our customers are looking forward to putting it through its paces on our Smartphone Network. We wanted them to be at the front of the queue when the phone is released in New Zealand - and so we are opening for pre-orders early."

The Galaxy S4 will also be available for $0 upfront on Telecom's 24-month $139 smartphone plan (which equates to $3336 over 2-years).

Telecom advise that by customers who pre-order at will be able to pick-up their new Galaxy S4 from selected Telecom stores on the day of launch, or have the device delivered.

Will you get one? Is the price right?

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Comment by Steve Withers, on 22-Mar-2013 18:05

I might get one.

Though I like my Android more like Google intended than vendor re-rendered.

Might get a Nexus phone instead. Frequent updates and genuine Android.

Comment by DarthKermit, on 22-Mar-2013 18:10

$1149 for a phone? Absolutely crazy.

Comment by Greg, on 23-Mar-2013 14:54

$1149, they must be joking, As much of an Android fanboy I may be, at that price it's just not going to happen. The good thing is that this will now reduce the sticker price on an S3 so now I may be able to upgrade my S2

Comment by leon Dunn, on 15-Apr-2013 17:19

Already pre ordered! Am over apple putting out new phones and changing charging and docking sockets...Galaxy looks amazing. Can't wait!!