Whats been happening Lately

, posted: 10-Aug-2006 00:50

Well I had some fun last week.

The Jasjar began playing up again-doing real strange things like not starting up in the morning, when synced to PC the screen would turn a funny colour and basically freeze up.
In the end I took the battery out for several minutes and this seemed to sort of get me going but system, still seemd very unstable and even the soft reset didnt work.
The hard reset where you hold the power button while pressing the soft reset button didnt seem to work either.
I resorted to the alternative way-pressing the 2 - buttons on the keyboard simultaneously pressing the soft reset button and we were all go and Ill admit we have had no problems since!! SPB Backup got me up and running in about 20 minutes

I just cant understand this scenario at all, if you remember earlier in the winter Ive had similiar situations where the unit would become very unbstable. Its not as though Id been loading up on software either.
Think the only thing ive changed of late is load up Netfront Mini browser which so far ive liked the feel off.
I did try Minimo which is a Mozilla product and that seemsed quite slow and not responsive.
One of the other new software Im trying is Mobile Contacts Phone edition by www.sygic.com/mobile
Im using Personal Vehicle Manager ( Two Peaks Software )  to manage my vehicle costs.
Hopefully we are all smooth sailing now

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