Blogs -been so long

, posted: 6-Apr-2019 21:03

My goodness me my last blog update was in 2013 !!!!

BTW im a 62 yr old tech freak as my work colleagues would tell you.

Still working as a Mental Health Nurse in a large Metropolitan facility.

I have been through several tech phases over the years. Been a member of Geekzone since 2005. Had early Windows portable devices in the early days.My favourite was the Imate Jasjar probably back in the original 2 G era. Then went through the Original Apple phase. 3G, 4s then changed to Galaxy Note 1 though 8. Finally last week have gone to the Huawei P30 pro for its camera Capability. I used to have DSLR in my past as my blog shows. Then used Portable Panasonic HDD Video cameras but have moved to purely portable cellphone options which I prefer for portability reasons. Have had very good experiences whilst over seas. If I want good video I tend to carry a GoPro 5 Black which is so versatile positioning wise. Im still into geocaching and use my cellphone with the official geocaching app or Geeoh live app which will be changing in a few months. I have also done some Munzee searches but this seems to be a dyeing sport in NZ.

Recently been doing the Overseas trips- both Several Cruises, Trafalgar Bus tours, Eagle Rider motorcycle tour in the US. Tazzie.

Hope too see folk at the next Geekzone Real life meet 18th May


Update-bits and pieces

, posted: 25-Apr-2013 02:27

As usual its been a while since I updated my geekzone blog almost like a confession  for me!!
Currently Gadget wise I have a Galaxy Samsung S3 with an Zero Lemon Extended battery 7000 Mah which is very nice. My  partner has my old Galaxy Note and likes it.
Still using the Asus Transformer Prime TF201. Operating Jelly Bean 4.1.1. This is for sale on trademe.

Funnily enough I have a Transformer TF301 as well.This is for sale too if the price is right.

Tempted by a few tech products - namely Windows Tablet Surface RT, Padfone 2 but trouble here is they are asus and I have 2 of there tabs now.
Recently partner had problems with desktop which just needed a new power supply.

Power company wise we have switched to powershop BTW

psychrn's profile

Chris Hattan
New Zealand

I am a Psychiatric Nurse Manager in a Mental Health Unit in Hamilton NZ.
I have always been interested in Electronic wizardry and products.

At home we have a  wireless network, desktop,  Into Digital Photography 
JVC GZ-HD40a HD capable Video cam, 120 gb HDD. Panasonic Lumix FZ 47 Still camera

In relation to this I like Digital Video editing. My other main interest is Geocaching and use a Garmin Colorado 300.
My username on is funnily enough the same as the one Im using here-ie Psychrn
Samsung Galaxy Note,Asus Transformer Prime TF 300. Asus TF 600 Windows Vivo Tab RT
Other stuff:
ADSL  Orcon naked 
Uniden UBCT8 Radio Scanner
Sony 2001D Shortwave receiver
GME TX3400 PRS TranceiverUniden UHO75 5 W PRS Portable Tranceiver
HP AIO 20 Inch Windows 8 desktop
Acer M3201 Desktop
  • Processor: AMD Phenom 9550 (Quad) 2.2GHz, 2MB L2 + 2MB L3 Cache
  • RAM: 4GB (2 x 2GB 800MHz)
  • HDD: 500GB 7200rpm SATA HDD
  • Optical: DVD SuperMulti SATA
  • Graphics: Integrated ATi Radeon HD3450 (256MB Discrete) layered on the AMD RS780 with 256MB shared
  • Card Reader: Multi-Card Reader
  • TV Tuner: Single MCE Digital TV Tuner + remote
  • Operating System: Windows Vista Home Premium

Canon MP 600 Printer + Canon MG 5350 Wireless Printer

Sony DVD recorder with 250 Gb HDD

Skype name: psychrnMy Photo & Video albums: