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From Data to Information to Actionalytics: Optimizing Your Workforce Time Data for Meaningful Results

When considering one’s company and how it manages projects and resources, the tracking of time is critical to your company’s ability to:

  • Meet deadlines
  • Stay on budget
  • Forecast the required resources
  • Assess and optimize project spend
  • Bill time to clients or interdepartmentally
  • Pay employees in a compliant manner
  • Improve, enhance, and streamline operations

Success in these areas requires a thoughtful process.  In this white paper, you’ll have the ability to explore the steps in this process and create a plan to take control of your data and turn it into actionable information or actionalytics.

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Five Steps to Creating a Time Management System

Implementing a time management system is imperative for determining true costs, competently managing projects, complying with regulations, and streamlining payroll. Follow these five steps toward creating your own time management system and learn how to improve on this critical business system.

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The Complete Time & Expense Tracking Buyer's Kit

When it comes to any business software purchase, the process for researching, evaluating, and ultimately deciding on a solution is a long, complicated process. 

Whether you don’t currently have a time and expense solution in place, or you need to replace an existing time and expense tracking solution, this Buyer’s Kit will make the buying process easier for you and your team by giving you the information you need to make the right decision for your company.

This kit includes:

What to Look for in a Time and Expense Tracking Solution: This checklist will help you determine what characteristics of the software are most important for your organization, so you can narrow down the solutions to best one.

Six Important Questions to Ask When Evaluating Timesheet Solutions: You need to know what questions to ask and what to look for to make sure you get what you need from a time and expense tracking solution. This white paper can help make sure you ask the right questions to prospective vendors.

Project ROI Calculator: Project time and expense tracking software can help your organization save time and money in several different areas – including project estimation, resource capacity planning, and process automation. Use this calculator to estimate your ROI from using time and expense tracking software to track time on projects.

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10 Must Do's for Small To Medium Sized Manufacturers

Read 10 common "must do's" gathered from the top customers of Global Shop Solutions ERP software that enable manufacturers to cut costs, operate in a lean and efficient matter, and maintain a commitment to excellence. 

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The Path to the Autonomous Supply Chain

Read this white paper to see how, once all parties are aligned, businesses can utilize human expertise, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to transform towards a self-orchestrating supply chain.

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The Ultimate Guide for IT Managers Facing Pressure for Cloud Transformation

There’s often pressure from leadership to migrate to the cloud, and understandably with countless cloud benefits and the many challenges associated with aging on-premises solutions. However, understanding and communicating what’s realistic for your organization and how different approaches will address various business goals is crucial.

In this free white paper, we walk you through critical considerations, such as establishing a shared vision, understanding why you're migrating, and defining business impact. We'll show you how to post quick wins and solve business goals with rehosting. Finally, we'll cover the many benefits of the cloud and different modernization approaches, such as rehost, revise, refactor, rebuild, and replace.

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Digital Asset Management: Enabling Visual Storytelling

People are visual creatures. It’s the way we’re wired, from our memory to our emotional responses. We understand text. But we connect with images.

As a result digital asset management is evolving and the new DAM solutions are here! Are you ready for what's next?

Download the eBook to find out more about what the next generation of digital asset management holds, and how it can help you engage customers, improve conversions and increase revenue.

Included in this e-book:

  • The progression of digital media and assets
  • Major trends and challenges in digital experience
  • How digital asset management solutions should enable teams

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From Bro to Zeek: Making Sense of Network Traffic for Security

This free 1-hour webinar from GigaOm Research brings together experts in network traffic analysis, featuring GigaOm analyst Simon Gibson and a special guest from Corelight, Steve Smoot. They’ll discuss the evolution of network analysis and explain how open-source Zeek (formerly Bro) came to be the network traffic analysis tool of choice for security analysts to make fast sense of their traffic.

In this 1-hour webinar, you will discover:

  • Why understanding traffic at today’s scale is so important for security teams
  • The complexities of traffic and telemetry collection for security
  • What Bro was built to do, why was it renamed Zeek, and how it overcomes these complexities
  • How Corelight makes Zeek easy to deploy and expands its capabilities

Why Attend:

Nearly all cyberattacks must cross the network, but security analysts often struggle to make quick sense of traffic at scale for hunting and incident response, trapped between data-starved logs (e.g. Netflow) and too much data (full packets) to analyze in time. What if instead there was a “Goldilocks’ for network data?

We’ll dive into Zeek’s creation at Livermore Labs and discusses some of the challenges that come with using it in large, fast network environments and explain how Corelight enables organizations to quickly take advantage of the power of Zeek at scale.

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Streamlined Digital Asset Management Optimizes Productivity and Performance for StubHub

How did the world’s largest ticket marketplace, Stubhub, streamline image management achieving 60% reduction in page weight and three to four times faster page loads?

Having to manage more than 120,000 active events on the site at any given time, and between 800 and 1,200 new ones being published every day - delivering quality images at such scale is a daunting task.

In this case study, learn how Stubhub implemented Cloudinary allowing them to reduce the edit time, improve access to media and significantly improve page load performance.

Included in this case study:

  • The results in numbers
  • Optimizing digital assets for image-rich site
  • Customizing versions for every viewport and improving access to media

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State of Visual Media Report

Do your visuals deliver the impact you intend?

With so many kinds of visual media, understanding how visual stories are consumed is essential to ensuring brands can deliver on the experience their audiences need—around the world and across all kinds of platforms and devices.

Read on to discover how to create a more powerful experience and to uncover opportunities to improve the impact of your visual stories.

Included in this report:

  • Delivering compelling visuals quickly and completely with new image formats
  • New opportunities for visual engagement provided by group-chat apps like Slack, WeChat
  • Insights from data across 700+ Cloudinary customers & billions of rich media asset interactions

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