Limitless LED Bulbs First Impressions

, posted: 20-May-2013 20:39

If you don't know what LimitlessLED bulbs are, they're basically LED light bulbs (exactly light your old light bulbs) but they are LED (so energy efficient) and they have Wi-Fi built in (everything is better with Wi-Fi).

With the Wi-Fi you're able to turn the lights on/off, adjust the brightness and change the colour. Also if you buy the Wi-Fi bridge you can connect them to your home network and control the lights using an Android or iPhone app (or programmatically via basic UDP commands).

Pretty cool aye?

So I just got my bulbs and here's my initial impressions.

Sadly the starter kit I recieved had the wrong bulbs in the box, bayonet instead of screw in, box was right on outside just a packaging error. These things happen, not a biggie, assuming I get free replacements.

The bulbs are very bright in my opinion, I was concerned they would be too dark. They are even brighter than the bulbs I was using, so I'm very happy with that. When I first plugged them in, two were yellow and one was white. At first I wasn't sure why they were different colours, then I remembered you could change colours and I just had to change them all to white and I was away laughing. With the white bulbs they can be either yellow or white (or somewhere in between) the colour bulbs can be any colour you want.

Wi-Fi was easy to setup, but I have a few issues with it:
  • When connecting the Wi-Fi bridge to your home Wi-Fi network, your Wi-Fi network password can NOT contain any special characters or spaces. So I had to change my home network and every device on my network to use a basic password to get this to work. Really not impressed with that. The developers should have tested this, who doesn't have spaces or special characters in their Wi-Fi password?
  • The password for the admin user when logging into the bridge is limited to 6 characters. Security doesn't seem high on their priority list...
However, my biggest issue is how many zones you can create. You are limited to 4 zones. So you can only control 4 zones against the Wi-Fi bridge. Sure the remote is limited to 4, but if you're like me you're probably going to be using these in a home automation setup where you won't be using the supplied remote or the Android/iPhone app. I need about 12 zones, 4 just doesn't cut it. 

Hopefully this can be updated with a firmware update rather quickly.

If the security issues and the zone limit could be fixed they would be perfect. But as they stand today, I'll give them 7 out of 10.

Please please LimitlessLED fix these issues quickly!

UPDATE: You can use multiple bridges to control more zones, so for 12 zones I would need 3 bridges.  Great they work on same network, but would be better if only one bridge was required.

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