Xbox360 Dashboard update and Unreadable Disc's

By R C, in , posted: 23-Dec-2011 20:00

After around 9 months of not touching the 360, the other half decided we should buy a Kinect and games for it.

When I fired the console up, with the Kinect set up, it asked for an update. No problems, lets do an update, and see how we get on. Several
reboots later, and the Kinect setup completed, we could start playing. First Kinect game in, and it will not read the disc, tried again,
and it worked fine.
We then tried a different Kinect game, and it repeatedly said either "unreadable" or "unsupported" disc.

After following the online support guide the console was still faulting, so I contacted the online support for Xbox.

Below is the entire conversation. 

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Privacy Statement
You are now chatting with 'Elizabeth'.
Elizabeth: Hello, thank you for contacting Xbox Customer Support. My name is Elizabeth. Please give me a moment to review your question.
Elizabeth: Ross, just so I understand your console is not reading disc correctly, correct?
Ross: yes
Ross: Ever since the console updated itself, when I bought the Kinect, it has been unable to read disc's correctly
Elizabeth: Ok, I do apologize and happy to do some troubleshooting with you to see if we can resolve your issue here.
Elizabeth: Are you getting any type of error message?
Ross: disc unreadible and to check or clean the disc
Elizabeth: Ok, thanks
Ross: there is a 2nd error message which also relates to cannot read the disk, but cannot remember the wording
Ross: I have already tried all of the troubleshooting tips on aswell as trying a lense cleaning disc
Elizabeth: What is the color of the power light on the console when you receive this error?
Ross: green
Ross: it never changes from what I can remember
Elizabeth: What is the name of the game?
Ross: Dance Central 2 + Adventures + Star Wars Lego Complete Saga + Game Party in Motion
Ross: all of these games have had the errors
Elizabeth: Ok, thanks.
Elizabeth: Let's try clearing your system cache. Once you have done that we will play the game again.
Ross: I have already done that
Ross: could not read the disc again
Ross: it did ask for a 2MB update for Dance Central 2 - which I accepted, then once in the game menu it said it could not read the disc anymore
Elizabeth: Ok, thanks
Elizabeth: Ok, let's confirm that the update within the storage is not corrupted.
Elizabeth: To check, please go to settings.
Ross: ok
Elizabeth: Next, go to system, storage, push the A button, go to games and look for a yellow exclaimation point
Elizabeth: Let me know if you find any exclaimation points.
Elizabeth: How is everything going Ross?
Ross: im just checking now
Ross: one second . thanks
Ross: I have 38 games listed
Ross: there are no yellow exclamation marks
Elizabeth: Ok, great.
Elizabeth: Ok, now we will do a full power cycle of your equipment.
Elizabeth: This would include turning off the console
Elizabeth: Next, disconnect all cables including the power supply from the console and the wall outlet.
Elizabeth: Wait on minute and reconnect everything.
Ross: ok
Elizabeth: Sorry one minute and then reconnect
Ross: power console on now
Ross: at the xbox dashboard now
Ross: hello?
Elizabeth: Yes, I do apologize and see if you can play a game. Thanks for waiting
Ross: ok, i will try now, but sometimes it will be 5mins or so before it faults
Elizabeth: Oh, ok. How is eveything going?
Ross: it has loaded and the game started
Ross: but what happens when it stops again?
Ross: one time we were 20mins into the game and it stopped working
Elizabeth: Ok, great. I am glad the game is working. If it stops again, then I would trying playing without the hard drive attached and see
if that makes a difference. If the game play does not stop, then the hard drive would need to be replaced
Ross: how do you play kinect without a hard drive?
Ross: whenever I tried it said I must plug in a storage device
Ross: I am not going to buy another one, just to test if its faulty
Elizabeth: Well, let's hope that the game plays all the way through. It you have future issues, I suggest just contacting us back for more
Ross: ok
Elizabeth: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Ross: so this is not related to some consoles being incompatible with one of the recent updates?
Elizabeth: No, not at all.
Elizabeth: The recent dashboard update is just software.
Ross: ok, thank you
Elizabeth: You are welcome.
Elizabeth: Here is a reference number is you need to contact us back 1167937014
Elizabeth: Nice chatting with you and have a good night.
Ross: are you still here?
Ross: the console is faulty again now
Elizabeth: Ok, are you saying the game stopped?
Ross: yes and said disc is unreadable
Elizabeth: Ok, thanks. What is the name of this game please? Also, do you have any original Xbox 360 games that you can try as well?
Ross: Dance Central 2 is the game we were testing
Ross: what is an original xbox360 game?
Ross: how old a game do I need to have?
Elizabeth: It can be any game that is not a Kinect game
Elizabeth: Or even a DVD
Ross: ok will try that
Elizabeth: Yes, let me know how that goes please.
Ross: ok, I am putting in a dvd now, and going to start playing it
Elizabeth: Ok, how did it go?
Ross: it is playing ok so far
Ross: but I do not know if I wait for aslong as I did with the game, it might stop working again
Elizabeth: Ok, great. I would suggest checking to see if any of the power lights change and notate them. Also, is any of the Kinect games
Ross: Dance Central 2 - I only bought 30mins before I started talk to you for help
Ross: it was still sealed when I bought it, and no scratches
Ross: the other kinect games were opened, but no scratches
Elizabeth: Ok, I see.
Ross: the console is still playing the DVD - and the top two ring lights are green the bottom two are off
Ross: the power button light is green
Ross: only one controller is powered on - the spare controller is off
Elizabeth: Since you have a hard drive, the next step would be to remove the hard drive. Since you need the hard drive, but you need it to
Elizabeth: Do you have any flashdrives connected to the console?
Elizabeth: Also, you will want to make sure the games all have the PAL region on them.
Ross: all games say PAL
Ross: I only have the hard drive connected and kinect
Ross: I do not have any flash drives connected
Elizabeth: Ok, since they are not being read after some time, the regions check out and the next step would be a repair for the console
Ross: and how much does a repair cost, and how long does it take?
Elizabeth: If you console is under warranty, there is no cost. You get a standard 1 year warranty for the console
Elizabeth: An out-of-warranty online repair request costs $135 plus tax , or $160 plus tax if you call Xbox Support and have someone create
a repair order for you.
Ross: ok
Ross: do you mind if I test with a game now while you are still here?
Ross: my console will be well out of warranty
Ross: I just tried the oldest game I have
Ross: Project Gotham Racing 4
Ross: it downloaded a 2mb update and when loading the track to start racing, it said the disk is "unreadable"
Elizabeth: Ok, I see. Yes, you can try playing this game without the hard drive. If it plays then it could be a issue with the hard drive.
Ross: as above, it does not play
Ross: ok, I will try it without a hard drive too
Elizabeth: Sure, yes you would need to turn the console off.
Ross: ok I turned it off and removed the hard drive
Ross: when I turned it on, it showed the xbox logo with the green cross 'pulsing'
Ross: it did not do anything else
Ross: I had to turn off and on again
Elizabeth: Yes, so now turn it on and try to play the game.
Ross: now it loads the game and then says the disc is unreadable
Elizabeth: Yeah this is indication you will need a repair
Ross: after I buy the kinect and update the software so it supports the kinect, it will nolonger play any games and makes my xbox unusable
Ross: so will the repair be free?
Ross: it is out of the warranty period, but it only stopped working when the xbox update was installed with the kinect
Elizabeth: I understand and do apologize you will have to be away from your console but, a repair is needed.
Ross: but will it be free?
Ross: as it is not my fault
Ross: I do not know if you can look at the internet there, but the following does look like the problem I am having
Elizabeth: Yes, we did do a test on some consoles, but it is completed. Any customers now, having this issue would have to do a repair.
Ross: so it could be the same fault? but you cannot replace it anymore?
Elizabeth: I am not sure, our service team members would have to inspect your unit.
Ross: it is just dissapointing that at christmas time, I have spent $200 on games and kinect, and now all I have is a very very expensive
paperweight, and you are telling me I have to spend more money to get it repaired
Elizabeth: Have you registered your console yet?
Ross: what do you mean registered?
Elizabeth: This way you can view the warranty status.
Elizabeth: You can self register your console by going online and logging in with your Windows Live ID.
If you don't see your registration, your Xbox product might not be associated with your Windows Live ID. Go ahead and register your Xbox
product again, making sure to use the same name and address that you used when you previously registered the product.

Ross: ok, I am doing it now
Elizabeth: Ok, great.
Ross: Your standard warranty expired on November 27, 2009
Elizabeth: Ok, then the repair would be at cost
Elizabeth: To start a repair request, please click the green button
Ross: but it is not my fault, is there any way I can get this reviewed?
Ross: as my fault fits exactly as per that link I sent you, and I do not feel I should have to pay as it is a fault caused by the kinect
software updates
Elizabeth: I do apologize but, I am afraid this is across the board.
Ross: is there someone I can contact in New Zealand?
Elizabeth: I am afraid you would get the same response. We do have phone support for your area.
Ross: but phone support will go to an international contact centre?
Elizabeth: 0508 555 592
Elizabeth: This is phone support for your area.
Elizabeth: We went through all the troubleshooting and since nothing helped to resolve the isssue, we recommend a repair.
Elizabeth: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Ross: no, thank you
Elizabeth: Ok, here is a reference number for your chat session today 1167937014
Elizabeth: Have a good night.
Elizabeth: Thank you for contacting Xbox Customer Support. To end your chat session please click the X above the chat window:
Chat session has been ended by the agent.

Ok, so I have to spend $135 to repair my console with no idea as to whether or not I will be reimbursed.
My next attempt was see if twitter would provide help, and they suggest I call Xbox support also.

So I called Xbox support, and after speaking to the initial support person they suggested I speak with 'higher support' who then queried
their manager about a free repair.
The result was 'higher support' telling me that they would if they could but their system does not allow it, and the ONLY thing they
can do is suggest I repair my console at my cost.

From a brief look around the internet I have found the following;

and an email where MS confirm the fault and replace for free!/xboxsupport/status/70536373467234305

To sum up, I have a console that is just over 3 years old , not used for the last 9months, a $200 purchase with dashboard update that turns my console into a Virtual brick.
The fault is known to MS, yet will do nothing reasonable about it.
I now need to decide if my $200 and existing games need a new console to go with them, or just get sold on Trademe. Either way its money wasted due to something thats not my fault.

Has anyone else in New zealand experienced this fault?
Does anyone recommend I go down the legal road for getting this repaired/replaced?

Comments over in the forums please.

Hotel cancellations experience

By R C, in , posted: 18-Jan-2010 13:42

Last weekend, I was meant to have gone on a holiday with my brother around part of the North Island. We had booked to stay at The Devon Hotel in New Plymouth, and at Astro Motel Taupo.

I booked through, as it was the easiest way for me to book.

My gripe here is the different cancellations that different places offer. It seems that the smaller a place is, the less time they give you to cancel. Eg the Devon Hotel, gave me 24hours in which to cancel, but Astro Motel only gave me 72 hours.

Unfortunately, my bike got blown over on Friday night, the night before the Saturday’s accommodation in Astro Hotel. As soon as it happened, I called Wotif, Astro Motel and The Devon Hotel.
The Devon were great, they were willing to move/cancel my booking at no cost, although I was within my right, they were understood that a motorbike without handlebars is very hard to ride from Wellington to New Plymouth.

Astro Hotel was less than willing to do anything. Even talking to me seemed to be a problem. Both Wotif and I tried to reason with Roy (the Manager of Astrol Motel) but he said it was not his problem that my motorbike is broken, and that I injured myself in picking the bike back up.

Fair enough, I know it has nothing to do with him.
But customers are at the forefront of his business, and word of mouth go a long way. So here is my 'word of mouth'...

I suggest that no one stays with Astro Motel, as Roy is, in my opinion, less than accommodating when something beyond everyone’s control happens. Having worked in customer service, I know that shit does happen, and it can affect people’s repayments, abilities to meet deadlines etc. And sometimes you do need to make a hard-line, but when you show no sympathy, empathy or any reasonable consideration towards a situation then you will not get far in the business world.

I know for a fact, he still had rooms available on that night, so my booking had not caused him to lose money (if he was to cancel it), but he could have been reasonable and moved my booking to another date, again he did not want to hear it.

Just yesterday, I booked some accommodation direct with a small Motel in Tauranga, and was shocked to hear that they have a 7 day cancellation policy! That is just crazy, but not a big deal as we are not paying a lot for the booking.

EDIT: Roy has come back to me, and has offered me a similar room at 50% of the normal rate. That I can use any time in the next three months. Thanks Atro Motel for coming to the party and helping me out.

White Powder Incident - Wellington

By R C, in , posted: 21-Dec-2009 22:31

Some plonker obviously felt they did not deserve a ticket, so we had a bit of down time at work today.

Thankfully, it was only chalk, and not anything worse.

Check out the photos hosted by Derek @ 111emergency, aswell as some from shadowfoot 1 2.

Dick Smith Electronics abuse of Price Promise

By R C, in , posted: 4-Dec-2009 17:08

I was wanting to have a go at the xbox online gaming service... which I have still not tried out. I thought I would try Bond and Bond, Noel Leeming and Harvey Norman first, as they had offers availble for employees of the company/group I work for.
All of the stores in Porirua did not have stock, so I wandered over to DSE to ask if they will price match Bond and Bond / Noel Leeming, at their normal retail price, as I did not feel like driving out to Lower Hutt where I had been told it was in stock.

DSE did have it in stock, and I was told they would need to check with the manager, 10 minutes later I was told that they can only price match 'LOCAL' competitors who have it in stock. This is despite their own advertising saying that the competitor must only have a retail store, with no indication of it having to be local.

From the DSE mailer 01/12 - 14/12, Page 22
Price Promise Full Terms and Conditions:
Price Promise: The be eligible the following conditions must be met: Competitor must have a retail store. Price comparisons must include all delivery charges, and bonus offers. Product must be identical (e.g. same brand/model/colour). Confirmation of competitor's price is required. Excludes exlusive models. Competitor must be in stock (not available for back orders). No bulk purchases, retail quantities only. Excludes competito's clearance lines, limited sotck offers or Member / Club / Internet prices.

I disputed the fact that I could goto a Lower Hutt store, where there was stock, and buy it at the $69.99 price. But apparently, they can only do the price match to local stores. They implied local as being the two stores across the car park.

Has anyone else had the same thing happen to them at DSE stores?

Disclaimer: I am an ex-DSE employee.

National BikeOI

By R C, in , posted: 17-Nov-2009 07:01

As I have already blogged about, the national protest against ACC is today. So, if you are in, or going into, Wellington today then come and see us at Parliament from around 12pm onwards. Avoid all streets around there if you are in cars, as despite there being official parking at the stadium, most motorcyclists will not want to walk in boots/leathers for 500m + Riders will be leaving from Avalon and Aotea Police College from around 1120 in five minute intervals of 200 bikes. There will be police escorts at the front of the groups, but look out if you are coming from behind, as we will be travelling at 70km/h.

BikeOI - ACC protest rides

By R C, in , posted: 12-Nov-2009 18:55

For those of you who have not already been on a ACC protest ride, or want to do another below are some breif details on whats coming up.

Also, for all of you 4 wheeled folks, this is a heads up of where we will be, so please respect our protest, and do not do anything stupid.

AUCKLAND: Saturday 14th November
Start at Dairy Flat 10am
Finish at Auckland Domain
This should take 30mins according to google, but ride is limited to 90km/h so expect it to be 1-1.5 hours by the time the tail gets there.

CHRISTCHURCH: Saturday 14th November
Start at Cashmere Club 1030am approx
Finish at Cathedral Sqaure 12pm for meeting
This should take 12mins according to google. So maybe there will be lattes while waiting?

DUNEDIN: Saturday 14th November
Start at Mosgiel Railway Station 10am
Finish at Octagon
This should take 30mins according to google. Unsure if there are speed limits imposed.

WELLINGTON: Tuesday 17th November
Start A: Papakowhai Road (below police college) 1130am
Start B: Avalon Duck Pond Carpark 1130am
Join: Bottom of Ngauranga Gorge
Finish: Parliament 12pm
This should take 30mins, but expect it to be longer by the time the tails park up. There will be around 5000+ bikes here.

For more detailed information see, Bikers Against ACC Levies.

ACC Levies vs. Bikers

By R C, in , posted: 9-Nov-2009 22:12

If you need this is explained to you, then you should really get back in your cave, and carry on rubbing sticks together. But just in case this is just a quick summary for you, as I just want to make others aware of the ACC vs Motorcyclists debate.
  • ACC has proposed that they need to increase the amount of money they need to fund systems to help prevent injuries, and rehabilitate those with them.
  • ACC have unfunded liabilities of $24 billion.
  • Mopeds currently pay $59 per year, and ACC propose to include them in the new cc rating system. All motorcyclists currently pay $252.69
    0-125cc - $292.93 -
    126-600cc - $546.78
    601+ - 781.12
So what are the arguments for raising motorcyclist fees by so much?
  • $62 million was spent on caring for injured motorcyclists, while only $12.3 million was collected.
  • Under the proposed changes, other motor vehicle owners will be cross-subsidising motorcyclists for $77
  • From 2000-2008 the number of motorcycle casualties more than doubled to 1446

  • If there is a shortfall of $50 million, and other motor vehicles will be subsidising motorcyclists by $77 each, then the shortfall would be more than covered. This is based on there being around 2.5million light vehicles only, 2.5million x $77 = $192million. Even if 1/3 of all people did not pay their registrations, there would still be approx $125 million.
  • From 2000-2008 the number of registered motorcycles quadrupled, therefore offsetting the increase in accidents.
  • As engine sizes are not recorded in the majority of accidents, and therefore not used for statistical purposes, creating a tiered levy system is unjustifiable.
  • Despite being a 'no fault' insurance system, The Chairman of ACC, stated that accidents caused by motorcyclists were the reason for increased motorcycle levies.
  • Research has indicated that in 67% of all motorcycle accidents, there are other vehicles involved. And 40% off all motorcycle accidents were caused by a non-motorcyclist.

I know that there is so much more information out there, and most of it is in favour of motorcyclists, as there are a lot of FACTS available to us, whereas ACC will not provide the data from which their claims are made.
To see where this information came from, and to find out more:
Bikers Rights Organisation of New Zealand
Bikers Against ACC Levies
Statement from Nick Smith
KiwiBiker wiki
Ministry of Transport

Wellington Diesel Spill

By R C, in , posted: 28-Sep-2009 16:26

If you are on a motorbike, and heading from Wellington up State Highway One, in the rain, do not expect any sympathy from the Police.

I got stopped multiple times for lane sharing, when the traffic was not moving. It has taken me around 70 minutes to get home, via Haywards.

Good luck for those of you still stuck in the traffic!

Who wants to win $200 worth of CDs and DVDs from The Edge??

By R C, in , posted: 22-Jun-2009 19:03

I know I did... well I thought I did.

There must be some confusion between myself and The Edge as to how to equate $200. I for one assume that $200 worth of CD's and DVD's would be the RRP of the prizes would add up to $200, or the current retail price as some of the media is old. Makes sense right? Obviously not.

Now I am not sure what the RRP is, so I have had a QUICK look online and found the below prices.

So what do I have, $134.92 combined current retail price. At the most expensive prices for what I actually received.
Cheapest - $110.84
Cheapest - $95.90 including digiRAMA

Now I realise that some of these are old now, and will have dropped from release RRP. If we use Slumdog Millionaire as a comparison, it will be around $40 on release. And White Lies For Dark Times (Limited Edition) ~  Harper, Ben & Relentless7 at $35, we have $150 total. Which would be a good guess at recommended retail, and to be honest, is probably on the high side. So I am still missing out on $50 here.
Now if they had all arrived as new, that would be understandable, but 3oh!3 has had the lid smashed, so it will not open or close properly. As well as T.I. and The House Bunny having cracked lids.

Ok so what is the point? I know that it was free, I did not have to enter the competition, but when you advertise a competition, and tell your listeners that they could win $200 worth of music, that's what you expect to win right?


Feel free to check out their website, but from experience Ironbridge Capital / MediaWorks spend as little as they can on bandwidth as it can take up to five minutes to load a page.


T.I - Paper Trail.

Real Groovy $29.95
Mighty Ape $29.99
digiRAMA $23.00

3oh!3 - Want

Real Groovy $29.95
Mighty Ape $29.99 now $24.99
digiRAMA $17.00

The House Bunny - DVD
Standard single disc

Real Groovy $34.95 - NEW
Real Groovy $25.95 - USED
Real Groovy $29.95 - BLU-RAY USED
Mighty Ape $34.99 - NEW
Mighty Ape $49.99 - BLU-RAY NEW

Hellboy 2: The Golden Army - DVD
Standard single disc

Real Groovy $29.95 - NEW
Real Groovy $44.95 - NEW 2DVD SPECIAL EDITION
Mighty Ape $39.99 - NEW
Mighty Ape $44.99 - BLU-RAY NEW
Mighty Ape $44.95 - NEW 2DVD SPECIAL EDITION

The competition was the HUMP day quiz with Clint.

EDIT: found three out of four to have crakced/damaged cases.

Snap - First impressions not good.

By R C, in , posted: 21-Apr-2009 16:30

Dear Snap,

I would like a phone line and internet please. I realise you need either a Credit Card number, or signed Direct Debit form, you have one of these, and yet I am not connected.

My first impression of you is not good. Admittidly the delay to start with, was our fault, but now that you have payment details, I would really like to be connected. To be told after waiting three business days from when I gave you my Credit Card details, that you are still waiting on them is disapointing. I do hope that you put the request through to connect my property today, and do not have to wait a further 5 business days at the longest to be connected.


Strike One.

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