ViewSonic Pixel Warranty

By R C, in , posted: 25-Jan-2007 09:14

Just over one month ago i bought a new pc with new monitor. It was a basic 17" LCD Viewsonic.

I noticed after unpacking that it had a blue pixel in the top right-hand corner, so I called Viewsonic who have a 30-day zero pixel defect warranty. They wernt to helpful and said that I had to return my monitor to the person I bought it off or take it to Monitor and Terminal who will look at it.

They explained that the whole process takes acouple of weeks, which was not acceptable as I didnt buy a new monitor for it to be sent away for acouple of weeks.

I did not want to send it to my suplier as they are based in Masterton and I live in Wellington, so i called M&T, who are also Wellington based, and spoke to either Chris or Wayne. (Sorry cant remember who i spoke with frist.)

They said as it was christmas Viewsonic will be closing so the process could take a we while.


They were more than happy to order the replacement, and let me keep my monitor until the replacement was ready!!

So around came the 18th or 19th and I hadnt heard anything so I called M&T and Chris apologised, saying that Viewsonic had not got back to him after he had sent an email earlier in the week, wo he said hed send another for me to get an ETA.

On Tuesday Chris called to say that my monitor had arrived and asked how I wold like to get it swapped, as he had remembered that I 9-5 in Johnsonville so would be unable to make it in myself. I suggested a courier which he said hed need to check-up on.

The next day he got back to me saying that someone would be able to come to my workplace or house and swap it for me!!!

So at 9am this morning Wayne turned up with a brand new monitor for me! Which has no dead pixels!!!

So id just like to thank Chris and Wayne at M&T for their excellent customer service!!!

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Comment by sbiddle, on 25-Jan-2007 09:52

I've had a couple of monitors repaired by M&T and must say I've been very impressed by their service as well! They've offered loan LCD's and have been very helpful including picking up and delivering!

Good work guys.. A lot of people could learn things about customer sercice from you!

Author's note by rscole86, on 2-Feb-2007 11:04

Alas my joy has been short lived, i have found a dead pixel in the bottom right-hand corner :( I think i will leave it though as it is almost un-noticible. (it is normally hidden by the TUC icon)

Comment by BruceWillisnz, on 26-Jul-2013 18:11

I have also used Monitor and Terminal for about 10 years. Wayne, Hayden and Chris are fantastic at fixing anything and great value for money. Regards Bruce Willis  

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