NZ vs EURO tech support :D

By R C, in , posted: 5-Mar-2007 19:40

So ive just spent the best part of 3 hours trying to get some specialist software working with vista!

This has all come about as obviously VISTA has replaced XP. So I emailed the tech support guys a support centre(thanks Scott :D) and asked them if they had a fix for their software/hardware so that it would work with vista.

The following is their reply.


I not test the compatibility with Vista.
I recommend the WinXP.


Ok so English is not this persons first language, but technical support is his job description!

My first problem was the fact that I stupidly went and borrowed a laptop from work that does not have a Cardbus slot! **** you Compaq!

That aside, the first piece of software was a HASP security key, nice and easy as Aladdin have updated their drivers to work with Vista, but Vista cannot find the drivers (same problem with XP), so I had to download them and install it manually.

The software started off fine, it installed itself and ran, until it came up with a “user has no access to the database registry. (0,0)”. Again an easy solve by running it as administrator.

However I now cannot seem to turn administrator rights off. It’s ticked in the privileges section, yet its greyed out, so even as administrator I cannot turn it off. I’ve spent hours trying to get it turned off, but I just cannot seem to do it.

 Finally I just had to get a DSE XH3371 USB video capture adapter going. For some reason I didn’t even try and install the software, maybe because I couldn’t be bothered downloading the software? So I took the installed directory out of c:\windows on a XP machine and pasted it into the same spot on vista. And voilà it worked :D Now I just have to get a notebook with a cardbus slot so I can get my cardbus video capture cards to work with vista.

Round one to NZ based tech support :p

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