Telecom: Do they know what they sell?

By R C, in , posted: 17-Apr-2007 18:38

I had the most confused customer come to me today, asking for an external antenna for her Sierra 580 wireless card.

She had been told to go to us, we do not sell telecom data/wireless cards, by the local telecom store!

They said they had never sold them at that she should go to us.

I politely explained that she had been sent on a goose chase, as we have never sold them either.

I called someone in Telecom for her, they told me that all Telecom stores can get in the external antenna.

It was not surprising to hear that the person I spoke to was less than happy with one of their stores sending customers away.

So future reference for anyone that may want an external aerial for a Telecom wireless card, GOTO TELECOM!

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Comment by taniwha, on 18-Apr-2007 17:35

Which store?

Author's note by rscole86, on 18-Apr-2007 18:32

Im not going to name them :p All I will say is that they are a Wellington store.

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