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What follows is a B&M session relating to Reading Cinemas Courtenay Central Wellington.

Last Friday(27th) the girlfiriend and I decided we would go and see a few movies at Reading Cinemas. Now Reading have a website that you can use your credit card details to secure seats.

We decided on seeing Meet the Robinsons on Saturday the 29th, and then see Sunshine on the following Tuesday.

We resreved two tickets for the Saturday, and three tickets for the Tuesday. Printed off our reservation confirmations and thought that by booking early we were going to get the tickets we reserved.

On Satruday we went into Reading, stood in the Internet Bookings Line, waited there for around 10 mins without being served, so decided to join the "normal" line. When we got to the front we were told that we shouldve been in the other line and we wouldve been a priority, YEAH RIGHT!! I politely told him we had been standing there for the last ten minutes. To that they apoligised.

(At this point im slightly annoyed but still happy.)

We gave the guy a discount voucher we had, he said as he tickets were already allocated at full price he could not use that ticket towards out seats. So he said he would use it to buy two new seats, but we could still sit where we had booked online. So we took our tickets (without really looking at them) and went on our way.

Around 5 minutes before the movie started we looked at our tickets to see that one ticket was correct, the other was for another movie in another cinema!! I headed back downstairs, unfortunately the guy that served me had gone, so I had to explain it to another person. She seemed really helpful and apologised. She said she would have to exchange one of our tickets, but as the seat next to the correct ticket was taken we would have to get different tickets again!!

I asked if we could sit in the, now three, seats that we had "lost". She said no they had been sold to other patrons so we could not.

(By now I am pretty pissed off at Reading Cinemas.)

We go into the cinema and take our seats as per the latest tickets we were given, and start to enjoy the movie. Part way through I turn to see if our seats had been taken, and surprise surprise three empty seats!!!


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