Reading Cinemas Online Bookings PART 2

By R C, in , posted: 5-May-2007 21:18

What follows is the second part of a B&M session relating to Reading Cinemas Courtenay Central Wellington.

On the Tuesday we go to Reading and give them our online confirmation form and credit card so that we could pay for the movie. The person swipes our card and tells us that there is no booking on our credit card. They try again, even get someone else to try, but no our booking has been vaporised!

So we ask for the seats that we had pre-allocated online. Only to find that those three exact seats have already been allocated, yet they cannot give them to us as they may have been sold to someone else.

The girl tells us that she can give us seats right next to it in the row infront. We take those seats, pay for it and head up to the movie. Upon looking at the tickets, the girl and me must have different ideas of the words right next to. It turns out right next too means, same row but around 5 seats away from where we were orginally. It doesnt sound like alot but when you take up three seats there's always going to be one person who is not going to be anywhere near the middle.

Once again I have a look at the seats that were meant to be mine, to see that they are empty!

So both times the three seats in the middle of the back row stayed empty. 

Overall I am not impressed with Reading Cinemas online booking system. Through their website you can Buy Tickets. They ask for your credit card details, yet you cannot actually pay for the tickets! They just ask for your credit card details, as they will be implementing online purchases at somepoint. You print out a piece of paper, which you dont actually need, and take it in so they can swipe your credit card to confirm the reservation.

If you have bothered reading this far, I would not recommend making reservations for two different sessions.


By the way thoroughly enjoyed both Sunshine and Meet the Robinsons.

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