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Why would you want to impersonate a salesperson?

Recently two seperate people have pretended to be a salesperson at the store I work at to order in products from other stores that are below cost. Ie if we sell them we loose money.

The first one had Murhpy pay them a visit.

They called another store and asked for X to be sent to our store (they stated that they worked for us), the store they spoke to gladly sent it to us (why wouldnt they, as they wont loose any money from it).

They then called us acouple of hours later and said they needed a spare part for X, we let them know of the price and placed an order for it. They then spent the next few days calling us repeatedly asking about the spare part, to which they kept on being told that it is on back order and will take a few weeks.

Later that day X arrived ATTN Rita, now there is no Rita who works for us, secondly noone would order an X as they are below cost. So I asked the only person that might be silly enough, and found that they had ordered a spare part for it. Put 1 and 1 together and you see a scheme in the works.

We decided to play our own little scheme, and we did not call the customer to let them know their X had arrived. They eventually called us and we stated that X was here, they then asked where the spare part was. We asked if that was for them also, they then said yes they ordered in a X (no they could not remember who they spoke to) and needed a spare part. They were happy to wait as X would not work without the sapre part.

I decided to "test" X before we gave it to the customer, not sure why I did but something was nagging me to. Low and behold it broken :D Murphy had struck.

Now all this time we had had one of these units in our store, which was incompete so we were not going to sell it till we got all of the parts for it. So i go this one out to test (it had come back from being repaired) and Murphy thought he'd be execeptionally cruel, and this one was broken too.

We have now recieved the spare part, but we nolonger have an X to sell them.

We are still waiting for Rita to call us again to collect her remote.

If anyone asks, why we did not refuse to sell to them, well what would we gain by doing that? We would have to keep a X that we will probably never sell anyway.

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Comment by freitasm, on 18-May-2007 09:12

This is just a clear case of social engineering... I am sorry but you have some very naive person working the other store, and if anyone comes with something worse, say ask for credit card information he might even spill the beans...

Very flaky security. That's why there are codes to be exchanged when asking for transfers, etc...


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