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By Ross Colebrooke, in , posted: 18-May-2007 14:53

I have just had a phone call from world exchange inviting me to change toll call provider, he said I would get 20-30% off my toll calls if I used their services.

He was remarkably polite as I have had a lot of telemarketer's stuff the information down my throat, yet this guy took no as an answer. I did not have to repaet it several times or hang up on him!

If you are using your own call centre to make these calls well done! If not, then you have chosen a good company to call on yor behalf!


I have two phone lines in my home, and about 5 mintues after posting this, I got a call on the other line, from another person called Mohammed (either it is the same person or their call centre is all made up of Mohammed's?). I explained that I had received a call 6 or 7 minutes earlier and I was not interested, he seemed really shocked and had no idea what to say in reply :p

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Comment by Bung, on 18-May-2007 15:12

Did he identify himself as calling on behalf of WxC first? Our caller started straight in with the news that our "toll rates would be reducing by 20-30%, what do you think of that?" leading to some confusion until it became clear that it wasn't our current provider calling.

Author's note by rscole86, on 18-May-2007 15:14

No on both occasions he introduced himself, before even mentioning why he was calling me.

I was quite impressed :D

He did say that this deal was only available to TNZ and TCL customer's in Auckland and Wellington.

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