By Ross Colebrooke, in , posted: 18-May-2007 15:23

Ive had both of my STB for over a year now, and one of them has decided to stop working.

I got a phone call from my GF saying she cant watch TV. So I tried to help all I could over the telephone (which was very difficult) and eventually managed to get her to swap over the two STB's just to make sure it was the STB and nothing else.

She confirmed it was as dead as a dodo.

So I called TCL and only had to wait for around 5 minutes on hold, and they said they were able to get a technician in to look at it on Monday.

This is probably the shortest hold time, and fastest response time I have ever had!

But no one will be home til the Friday, so I have a week to wait and see if they turn up or not. Ive arranged for the 830-930 slot, as my other two choices were 930-1230 or 1230-430 and there is noway I want to spend all of that time waiting around!

Ive plugged in the STB myself and found that there is alot of sparkign happening inside the unit, just behind where you plug the power cord in. Then it stops after a few seconds.

Ill wait and see what happens on Friday about getting it replaced.

UPDATE: Five minutes ago a representitve called from TCL to say that they recognised that it is the weekend, and that they are able to arrange for someone to come and see me tomorrow. However the condition is, that I must be here is one of their horrible time slots. (there is now was im getting up before 830 on a Saturday) So it looks like I am going to have to wait around at home all day tomorrow.

They have been booked for 1230-430.

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Comment by sbiddle, on 18-May-2007 15:36

Digital or analogue?

Author's note by rscole86, on 18-May-2007 15:37

Sorry, they are both digital

Comment by bcourtney, on 18-May-2007 19:27

hah! we had the EXACT same problem 2 weekends ago! Had JUST finished watching the Hurricanes final match and had noticed that throughout the day/evening the STB was restarting itself more frequently than normal. Then it just shut itself down and wouldn't come back up. I tried different power sockets etc and noticed (and got the TCL CS guy to take note) that it was sparking just behind where the power cable gets plugged in. So we had to wait until the following Wednesday morning for it to be sorted. Hold time on the phone was about 30 minutes if I recall.

Anyway, new decoder is in. Have had it restart itself a couple of times since the changeover. The onsite tech suggested it was because we were changing between channels too quickly!! lousy if you ask me...

Anyway, no idea what caused the issue - call centre guy said it was happening quite a lot in recent times due to weather. Another lousy excuse I'd have thought as the night that it died on us was a beautiful night!!

Author's note by rscole86, on 19-May-2007 15:08

See result here.

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