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At 2pm I got a call from TCL in Auckland to advise me that the technician is 40 minutes away. Exactly 40 minutes later, they are knocking at my door :D I have never had TCL turn-up on time before.

They asked me if this was house number ****, then they said they were here to do a install job!

Im not too sure why it was recorded as a install job? Maybe it was because when I reported the fault I explained that I had already tried swapping the two STB I have, and they were happy that it was faulty.

The tech didnt even bother with testing the faulty STB they just got to work installing the new one.

The only delay was that they kept on being put on hold by their support people, so they had to wait for the modems to be tested at their end.

My only concern was when I heard the tech talking to a lday on the other end, and she started to complain that the old systems were alot faster, and that the new system is really slow and she didnt understand why they had to replace it.

It was after she had said that, that the tech decided that using speakerphone may not have been a good idea, and turned it off :p

So I now have two STB's working again, and I just have to see if TCL can give me a reason as to why they seem to like rebooting around 1030pm every night!

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