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By R C, in , posted: 2-Jul-2007 19:13

My Viewsonic LCD 703B has started to die, only 6 months into its life, and its already been replaced once since I bought it.

Recently I found that the power button would not work all of the time. Then it started working once in every 20 or so puches of it. Occasionally I would have to remove the power cord from the unit to get it going again.

This didnt bother me too much, but then the screen's brightness became too high, imagine the geekzone website, and the lighter blues were almost white, and the dark blue was light than the light blue is now. I tried playing with all the settings, both on the PC and monitor.

So I call Viewsonic, on Friday, and within 10 minutes (I was first in the queue when I called and onyl had to hold for 2 minutes) they had given me a job number and were ready to organise a courier to collect it and take it to the local repair agent. I asked if I could call the repair agent and organise the pick-up myself as I was unsure as to when I would be around for the courier to come and pick it up. Viewsonic were more than happy to let me do that, and even said if I had problems to please call them back.

So today I the courier picked up the monitor, and I now have to wait and see how long it will take to get it replaced or repaired.

In the meantime I have to put up with a horrible Viewsonic E70 17" CRT, which hardly fits on the desk!

Its been sitting in the middle of the living room floor for the last 3 or 4 months, driving the GF insane! And now I can say its just aswell I didnt throw it out :D

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Comment by alasta, on 2-Jul-2007 21:21

In this day and age it's always good to hear a story of a manufacturer standing behind their product and providing good support like this.

Comment by mealsie, on 8-Aug-2007 21:14

hi there
just wanting to say thanks for your response, much appreciated. have a great day!!!

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