Viewsonic LCD Part 2

By Ross Colebrooke, in , posted: 11-Aug-2007 23:07

So I finally got my LCD back last week.

Unfortunately, I had to put up with a CRT for those weeks without it.

This time round, it did take an extra week, as when the soak tested it they could not fault the unit. Even though I explained to the Viewsonic CSR what the problem was, and how to replicate it they must not have passed it on to the repair agent.
So when the agent called I had to explain to them how I got the monitor to fault, however as it was intermittent, they could not fault it either. Lucky for me they decided to replace the power supply as the previous model had a known fault that was similar to mine.

What I was not expecting was the replacement power supply to end up at my home address! Was good to have a look at it, and see what it looks like, but still it was no good to me :D

So I called repair agent and explained that I was going to send it to them, they were also unsure as to why it ended up at my home address.

One week later, I had another brand new monitor turn up by courier. This one does not have any dead/defective pixels, and hopefully it is thrid time luck, and I will not be getting it repaired again!

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