Wellingtons rubbish night club scene

By Ross Colebrooke, in , posted: 22-Sep-2007 00:43

So I have just got back from what I was hoping to be a good night 'on the town'.

The GF and I had decided to go and see the Bourne Ultimatum, and since the movie finished at 1130pm and the next bus was at 1am we decided to go into a bar/club.

It had been 1 month since we last went in, what can change in a month right?

So we strolled up to the bar with out ID's in hand, only to have myself turned away as the street shoes that I have been waring for the last 3-4 years did not let me in.

Normal, regular, nothing special, black skate shoes. These shoes are worn by a lot of people and I have always been able to get into a club/bar with them on. (Only exception being the ballroom.) So I went onto the next venue, only to get rejected again.

So we try a few more, only to have ALL of them reject us, some of them would just look at my shoes and say no, atleast the others would say that there was a new dress code.

I think this new 'dress code' is only going to put more of Wellington's youth onto the street, or keep them out in the suburbs to satisfy their urge to drink. I know I will not want to go back into town, as a lot of the time it is just a spontaneous decision to go in there and have a drink. However, if I want to do that from now on I must be waring my black dress shoes.

Anyway, back to the rest of my evening having a few quiet drinks at home!

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Comment by NokiaRocks, on 22-Sep-2007 01:26

I just got back from the ballroom and san fran and was wearing black skate shoes...

Comment by sbiddle, on 22-Sep-2007 06:39

I think the quality of many venue's in Wgtn has gone downhill quite badly over the past year or so. Wellington had a nightlife that was world famous and fantastic because everything was so close.

Comment by alasta, on 22-Sep-2007 09:04

Wellington's nightlife has been a bore ever since the Fat Lady's Arms closed almost three years ago. Most of what remains is far too upmarket for my taste.

I can honestly say that I have had much more fun drinking in Christchurch, Nelson, New Plymouth and Napier than I have ever had in Wellington.

Comment by tonyhughes, on 22-Sep-2007 13:30

our office just laid 4500 on the bar at lone star napier last night, for dinner and drinks. it was a great night...

Comment by Glen Barnes, on 23-Sep-2007 12:25

The quality of the club is inversely proportional to the strictness of their dress policy. A sure sign of a lame club is "Leather Shoes Required". On a related note a new club has just opened at thew brand new Westin hotel in Auckland's viaduct. It is a little bit away from the other bars and has a top quality lineup of DJ's, worth checking out if you are up in Auckland.

Author's note by rscole86, on 23-Sep-2007 12:55

Do other clubs in other cities advertise the dress code? Quite a few of the Wellington clubs only advertise their dress code when you get rejected for not meeting it..

Comment by alasta, on 24-Sep-2007 07:07

Some places have small signs up with words to the effect of 'no singlets or scruffy jeans', but the places with more strict dress codes don't seem to have any signage.

Comment by inane, on 24-Sep-2007 12:05

its funny the whole dress code thing,

have you ever noticed that if you have a group of males turning up somewhere often you will be turned away on the smallest reason (hell i've seen people turned away due to wearing jeans)

whereas the same situation but if there is one block and  two, three or more girls, the guy can generally get in wearing just about anything??

I'm of two minds about dress codes, I can certainly agree with  a certain level of dress code, as long as its fairly and consistently applied and is not too anal - retentive.

Author's note by rscole86, on 24-Sep-2007 12:34

Dont get me started on females being let in!

But I do agree with you there inane! I have been turned away as a group, just because the doorman said he did not like the look of one of the guys.

Comment by cjs6793968, on 24-Sep-2007 13:15

It's been a few years since i've had to worry about ID but perhaps that's why I quite enjoy Wellington's scene, so much choice in one place. I'm not a nightclubber but I can see why they'd keep standards. If you're getting turned away for being too casual then consider a more casual venue.

Author's note by rscole86, on 24-Sep-2007 13:23

cjs6793968, I would hardly say that I 'enjoy' being casual. I was wearing what I would consider 'normal' of my peers. I looked no different to anyone else on the street, or inside for that matter.

Also it is the same as what I have been wearing for years to clubs in Wellington.

ID has not always been a hassle for me, depends on whether or not Ive had a shave

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