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UPDATE: 06/06/08

Dominos Pizza Johnsonville: Thanks for your replay. I am apology here for any unhappy experience you had in Dominos. I already investigate my staffs which serviced you that day. They promised me they havn't said any vulgar language to you, maybe some misunderstand happened between you and them, becuase they are chinese, some language barrier may happened in the conversation. Anyway I am sorry about the mistakes happened.
Also The "$8.90 " per pizza you saw in Dominos website is special offer to those customer using internet ording, it is encourage people use online order. So the in store normal price is "$9.90" for frist pizza, second pizza from $9.00 each. As you said 'two for one Tuesday'is for Delivery only, Buy one pizza get one free in Tuesday delivery. (refer on the TV advertise)  But no matter you use "buy 1 get 1 free" or " 2 for 1 Tuesday" the free piza is for the regular pizza, so you still need pay the surcharge if you order special pizza.(by Dominos' policy)  
You order  3 pizzas that night: ( as price shows below):
7 Meats                   $9.90+ $2.90 (surcharge)
Russian                   $9.00+ $2.90 (surcharge)
Chicken Italiano          FREE + $2.90 (surcharge)
Total:                    $27.60
I hope this can make you claer about the price you charged, So if you had any more questions , Please contact me. Thanks

And my reply is as follows
Hi George,

Thanks for the reply.

I also manage staff of my own, and I know for a fact that most employees
would not admit to abusing a customer, as they know they may lose their
job because of it. I do not think that any language barriers are to
blame here, as we both understood each other, even when discussing
prices. The only time your employee all of a sudden did not speak
english, was when I asked him to repeat what he did not want to say to
my face. He had another person watching over his shoulder, and both of
them ignored me after their rude comment. If someone is going to abuse
me they should say it to my face.

I assumed that you did have a cheaper price online than instore, but can
you then explain to me why it would not accept my coupon? And why you
would not then give me the online price due to a problem with your website?

My concerns about the surcharge stem from the fact that the voucher in
no way indicated that you would charge me extra on a 'Buy a large pizza,
get another of equal of lesser value free'. The voucher did not have ANY
information stating that I would be charged a surcharge on a free pizza.
Despite me already buying two pizza's with surcharges. If we use your
example, then the free pizza should not have a surcharge as it is 'of
equal or lesser value'.

I understand where you are coming from overall, however I feel you are
just making excuses for the way I was treated, and your companies abuse
of the FTA. I am disappointed to see that you do not understand the
severity of the actions of your staff and Domino's and how it affects
your business. I am sorry to say that I no longer feel welcomed into your
branch, or valued as a customer by Dominos.




Now that I have your attention, this is about once again crap service from Dominos.

Branch in question - Johnsonville

Reason for poor service - customer discovers they are being overcharged

Response to customer from CSR - "For f**ks sake"

Reason for complaint of price - website states $8.90/pizza instore it is $9.90 and then $9/pizza after that

Outcome - pissed off customer, pissed off stafff, but atleast tummy is full.

So I have sent Domino's this complaint, I will wait for their reply.... hopefully it is not too long.

20/05/08 I went to order online, only to find that the voucher I wanted to use would not validate online.
I called and ordered a pickup over the phone with Johnsonville. When we got there we found that the pizza's on your website are charged at $8.90 + surcharge, and instore they were charged at $9.90 + surcharge (and then $9 + surcharge after that).

It was a 'two for one Tuesday', and were entitled to one pizza free of equal or lesser value. We even had a voucher with us for that deal too. We should have been charged $9.90 + $9 + free. All three pizzas had surcharges too. However I did not understand why we have to pay more than what it states on your website, and why your staff tried to charge me $9.9 for both of the pizzas?

Also, our voucher stated that it was get one of equal vule or less for free. So, $9.90+$2.0 + $9.00+$2.90 should mean I get my third pizza for free, including the surcharge as it was less/equal to the other pizzas.

Why do I have to pay a surcharge for a pizza when my voucher stated equal or lesser vaule for free?

Why does your website have cheaper pizzas than instore, and yet I cannot redeem your current vouchers online so cannot get them at that prize?

Finally, I was disappointed that when I pointed out your error on pricing instore, your employee went to fix it and said 'for f**ks sake' under his breath. I asked him what he said, as I do not appreaciate being sworn at, and was ignored. I also work in forntline retail, and if one of my employees was to swear at staff they would nolonger be working for me.

I look forward to your reply and hope that you can restore my faith in Dominos Pizza.

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Comment by paradoxsm, on 21-May-2008 21:38

What about Pizza Hut? I had some really nice pizza from there recently on Mauricio's recommendation.

Comment by tansix, on 21-May-2008 22:30

I had excessively bad customer serivce & pizza quality problems with the Terrace end Palmerston North store, Although I rang the 0800 number on the box(twice)after speaking to head office was informed that the store was privately owned so I rang the store they gave me the owners mobile number. So I rang the womans mobile could hardly understand her she gave me her email to send pictures of the crap pizzas(they where that bad)although she never replied.So I emailed again & around a month later I got a reply from a guy who said he would refund my money on my request I also commented how I had left 2 voice messages and he told me they check these at the local store and they should have phoned me back hmmm nope! anyway after 3 very long months & dozens of emails and phone calls I finally got my refund and I made sure it was worth my time by ensuring I got a refund for the last 2 times I ate there. I havent been back sense and that was almost a year ago

Comment by sbiddle, on 7-Jun-2008 09:43

The whole "buy 1 get 1 free" rip off should be stopped.

If I have to pay *anything* for a "free" pizza then it's not free any longer and should not be advertised as such!

I far prefer to support Pizza Hut who will happily give me 2 pizzas for the price of 1 when I use a "buy 1 get 1 free" coupon.

Comment by lugh, on 8-Jun-2008 22:25

Is that the actual response body from Dominos (i.e. the spelling and grammar) or your typing ()?  I'd certainly hate to think a customer service organisation would send official communications looking like that.

Author's note by rscole86, on 8-Jun-2008 22:33

@lugh; I have NOT edited anything here. I just did a plain old copy paste from the emails to here.
The emails are coming from

  Hi Ross;
My name is George, I am franchiee of Dominos Pizza Johnsonville, I just received a report of your complaint Johnsonville store at 20/05, Could I have your phone number, so I can contact you. Thanks

Comment by Ubiquie, on 9-Jun-2008 19:02

I too have recently had problems with Domino's Johnsonville.  I ordered 8 pizzas over the phone, and went to pick them up.  As I got there the doors were being locked, and the lights turned out, and a closed signed put on the door.  At 7pm in the evening!  I knocked on the door to enquire about my order.  I was told that they had run out of boxes, and it would be 1/2 an hour.  I had a dozen hungry people at home; they were not going to be happy. Needless to say we went elsewhere (Joes Food World), as we could not wait. A subsequent visit, (why did I go back you ask?), I ordered 8 pizzas, and some accompaniments.  The pizzas were cooked and placed on the counter.  I took them to leave and my niece who was with me counted them on the way out the door, there were only 7!To Domino’s credit, they refunded the cost of the missing pizza, and cooked another one.  A 15 minute extra wait, the 7 pizzas I already had went back in the warmer.  Net result, longer wait, not so hot pizza, unhappy guests at home. Dominos have had their chance; it’s Pizza Hut for me from now on.  Bring back Eagle Boys!

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