What does your aerial look like?

By R C, in , posted: 27-Oct-2008 19:14

Thankfully with this wonderful example, LOS pays dividends!

UHF antenna

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Comment by paradoxsm, on 28-Oct-2008 11:37

Lol, where I used to live in Auckland we could just point a lone LNB any direction-ish towards the skytower and pick up squdillions of signals.

Depends on the receiver too, My old 21" woodgrain Philips could pick up most signals crystal clear with no more than a twistee tie stuck in the back wheras the more modern philips would be fuzzy with the external antenna even and unwatchable with rabbit ears.

Author's note by rscole86, on 28-Oct-2008 14:31

Twistee tie was close to what I had at first, I was using an allen key

Comment by paradoxsm, on 28-Oct-2008 22:46

You could almost just run a wire instead of one of the bits of plastic rope stuff on that clothesline!

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