Farewell TCL hello TNZ

By Ross Colebrooke, in , posted: 27-Oct-2008 19:17

In the process of moving house, I have made the move from my old TCL 10/2 40GB cable connection, to my new TNZ FS/FS 40GB business plan. And if you thought that was bad news, things only got worse.

Despite being told in the sign up process, that if I did not want the Telecom 2wire gateway, I could sign up on an open term upon querying my bill I found that I would have to put onto a 24 month plan, or have my services disconnected.

No big deal I thought, as I had heard lots of great things about this gateway. However upon receiving it the unit will regularly disconnect, around 10 times a day, it also performs a factory reset as it pleases. (In fact it has just done another one as I am writing this).

Though before I blame Telecom for all of my problems, I thought I would inspect my wiring. Low and behold the morons (including SKY) had some VERY dodgy wiring.

dodgy phone wiring

Need I explain this picture? Didn't think so.

So tomorrow I will be calling TNZ and asking for a new modem, and hopefully there will be no disconnects due to 2wire resetting itself, dodgy phone cabling and most importantly the GF will be happy!

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Comment by sbiddle, on 27-Oct-2008 20:23

And the Sky installer used alarm cable (red and black show at the bottom) for the phone jack next to the TV!  How fail is that..

It really is no wonder people experience ADSL issues when you have so many houses with wiring like this.

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