Snap - First impressions not good.

By Ross Colebrooke, in , posted: 21-Apr-2009 16:30

Dear Snap,

I would like a phone line and internet please. I realise you need either a Credit Card number, or signed Direct Debit form, you have one of these, and yet I am not connected.

My first impression of you is not good. Admittidly the delay to start with, was our fault, but now that you have payment details, I would really like to be connected. To be told after waiting three business days from when I gave you my Credit Card details, that you are still waiting on them is disapointing. I do hope that you put the request through to connect my property today, and do not have to wait a further 5 business days at the longest to be connected.


Strike One.

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Comment by paradoxsm, on 21-Apr-2009 23:13

I don't give companies access to Creditcards or Direct debits unless I trust them explicitly. Comapanies that demand these do not get my business.

More reasons why I'm happy I have stuck with ol incumbent.

Let us know how their international speeds are!

Comment by Damoz101, on 26-Jun-2009 14:10

I have had endless problems with the and speed issues and them cutting me off. Has taken 5 months to get past he reboot your modem stage, ever after trying a cisco 800 DSL. Am looking at leaving them soon, My work also previously used snap but have moved on and we are not a small Bandwidth user also. (Cant say to much more)

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