Who wants to win $200 worth of CDs and DVDs from The Edge??

By Ross Colebrooke, in , posted: 22-Jun-2009 19:03

I know I did... well I thought I did.

There must be some confusion between myself and The Edge as to how to equate $200. I for one assume that $200 worth of CD's and DVD's would be the RRP of the prizes would add up to $200, or the current retail price as some of the media is old. Makes sense right? Obviously not.

Now I am not sure what the RRP is, so I have had a QUICK look online and found the below prices.

So what do I have, $134.92 combined current retail price. At the most expensive prices for what I actually received.
Cheapest - $110.84
Cheapest - $95.90 including digiRAMA

Now I realise that some of these are old now, and will have dropped from release RRP. If we use Slumdog Millionaire as a comparison, it will be around $40 on release. And White Lies For Dark Times (Limited Edition) ~  Harper, Ben & Relentless7 at $35, we have $150 total. Which would be a good guess at recommended retail, and to be honest, is probably on the high side. So I am still missing out on $50 here.
Now if they had all arrived as new, that would be understandable, but 3oh!3 has had the lid smashed, so it will not open or close properly. As well as T.I. and The House Bunny having cracked lids.

Ok so what is the point? I know that it was free, I did not have to enter the competition, but when you advertise a competition, and tell your listeners that they could win $200 worth of music, that's what you expect to win right?


Feel free to check out their website, but from experience Ironbridge Capital / MediaWorks spend as little as they can on bandwidth as it can take up to five minutes to load a page.


T.I - Paper Trail.

Real Groovy $29.95
Mighty Ape $29.99
digiRAMA $23.00

3oh!3 - Want

Real Groovy $29.95
Mighty Ape $29.99 now $24.99
digiRAMA $17.00

The House Bunny - DVD
Standard single disc

Real Groovy $34.95 - NEW
Real Groovy $25.95 - USED
Real Groovy $29.95 - BLU-RAY USED
Mighty Ape $34.99 - NEW
Mighty Ape $49.99 - BLU-RAY NEW

Hellboy 2: The Golden Army - DVD
Standard single disc

Real Groovy $29.95 - NEW
Real Groovy $44.95 - NEW 2DVD SPECIAL EDITION
Mighty Ape $39.99 - NEW
Mighty Ape $44.99 - BLU-RAY NEW
Mighty Ape $44.95 - NEW 2DVD SPECIAL EDITION

The competition was the HUMP day quiz with Clint.

EDIT: found three out of four to have crakced/damaged cases.

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Comment by NickiB, on 22-Jun-2009 20:51

Well, you the saying, you get what you pay for! However, I concur, this certainly amounts to being ripped off, even for a prize.

Even at an inflated average price of $33 per item, you would expect 6 items, preferably in good condition. Not to mention they probably cost the Edge next to nix.

Comment by paradoxsm, on 22-Jun-2009 22:33

the edge, certainly not my choice in entertainment... Solution - buy yourself an ipod and some cheap cds or downloadables, load it up and enjoy their playlist but without the overmodulated, "loud" sound, plethora of advertising and irritating Jocks and total absence of commercialisim.

Author's note by rscole86, on 23-Jun-2009 16:27

That is a great plan in theory, but I see a few flaws.
* I cannot afford an ipod or cheap cd's etc
* I already have a 1GB mp3 player which is too small, so get bored quickly.
* You have to be in to win ;)

Author's note by rscole86, on 23-Jun-2009 16:41

I have had two replies today from The Edge and Media Works, via email. They have appologised, and have organised another prize pack for me.
Fingers crossed it arrives in one piece.

Comment by paradoxsm, on 23-Jun-2009 17:57

You have to be in to win - It's even easier when I generally have 4 or so mobile phones on my person, "you are the 9th caller today" (and also the 3rd, 4th, and 7th caller ;-D )

Don't you work for "a retailer that may sell ipods"?

Good to see they came to the party though, I'm quite impressed with their response.

"iPod used in generic sense, Mine has custome firmware on it.

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