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By R C, in , posted: 12-Nov-2009 18:55

For those of you who have not already been on a ACC protest ride, or want to do another below are some breif details on whats coming up.

Also, for all of you 4 wheeled folks, this is a heads up of where we will be, so please respect our protest, and do not do anything stupid.

AUCKLAND: Saturday 14th November
Start at Dairy Flat 10am
Finish at Auckland Domain
This should take 30mins according to google, but ride is limited to 90km/h so expect it to be 1-1.5 hours by the time the tail gets there.

CHRISTCHURCH: Saturday 14th November
Start at Cashmere Club 1030am approx
Finish at Cathedral Sqaure 12pm for meeting
This should take 12mins according to google. So maybe there will be lattes while waiting?

DUNEDIN: Saturday 14th November
Start at Mosgiel Railway Station 10am
Finish at Octagon
This should take 30mins according to google. Unsure if there are speed limits imposed.

WELLINGTON: Tuesday 17th November
Start A: Papakowhai Road (below police college) 1130am
Start B: Avalon Duck Pond Carpark 1130am
Join: Bottom of Ngauranga Gorge
Finish: Parliament 12pm
This should take 30mins, but expect it to be longer by the time the tails park up. There will be around 5000+ bikes here.

For more detailed information see, Bikers Against ACC Levies.

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