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By Ross Colebrooke, in , posted: 17-Nov-2009 07:01

As I have already blogged about, the national protest against ACC is today. So, if you are in, or going into, Wellington today then come and see us at Parliament from around 12pm onwards. Avoid all streets around there if you are in cars, as despite there being official parking at the stadium, most motorcyclists will not want to walk in boots/leathers for 500m + Riders will be leaving from Avalon and Aotea Police College from around 1120 in five minute intervals of 200 bikes. There will be police escorts at the front of the groups, but look out if you are coming from behind, as we will be travelling at 70km/h.

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Comment by kinsten, on 17-Nov-2009 16:17

wow police escorts. that sounds flashy

Author's note by rscole86, on 17-Nov-2009 16:58

Yip, it was a great turn out!
I rode out from the police college in the middle to end of the pack, took us around 45minutes to get from their to the stadium.

Thanks to everyone who organised this protest!!

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